Monday, August 18, 2014

Marathon Training Week 13/21

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This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: Zilch

Tuesday: PM PT: weighted back & front squats - idea was to see what my max weight was before failure.  
Run 1: 7km run at a faster pace (done on treadmill) 38mins 21sec

Wednesday: PM shoulder rehab exercises, chest, back, 3 x sets 12 push ups, 4 x sets 10 body weight squats, tabata ab sets, incline bench crunches, farmers walks.

Thursday: Run 2: 10km at normal pace 54mins 32sec
PM PT - TRX pistol squats & jumping pistol squats, weighted lunges; stretching.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: AM 26kms 2hrs  31mins 46sec

Sunday: Rest

We've been working on squat technique for ages, but haven't been using heavy weights for the past 2 months due to the marathon training - Mike didn't want to upset my training.  

He did this week want to see what my max weight was before failure.  I've done 60kgs before with the bar on my back (back squats) but was struggling to do this Monday night.  On the upside, with the bar across my front, my technique was much better & I managed a heavier weight than expected.  

After I finished my run Tuesday night Mike gave me hand stretching & reckons that as my glutes/hips etc were so tight that probably affected the back squats.  So the plan for Thursday was to warm up, foam roll, stretch & then give it another crack.  Oh the pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then on the day he changed his mind & we did weighted lunges for the first time ever.  Can't remember the weight (I really need to write this stuff down), but he was really happy with the session.

26kms was the furthest distance I've run yet.  I wasn't too nervous about it so that was good.  The whole carb loading prior is a bit yuck & I'm still up 1.5kgs after being away for half the weekend & being a bit lax about food while we were away.  

The carb loading involved a triple bowl of instant oats for breakfast, 3 litres of sports drink (as well as 3 litres of water), my usual morning tea, lunch, 2nd lunch, + gnocci for dinner followed by a chocolate mouse type desert with berries & chocolate icecream.  Oink Oink!!!!

The run itself was pretty good.  Not easy, but not hard.  There was a sea mist that restricted the visibility to 10 - 20 metres for the whole run so it was a little eerie, but kind of cool at the same time.  

I ran in a beanie for the first time - 2 weeks ago it was 4 degrees & my ears froze as I was wearing a cap - this week I had a singlet, long sleeve top, vest & a beanie & I was just right temperature wise!   I saw 47 dogs, 2 bunnies & 1 possum.  Hammies were a bit tight at the end - I couldn't touch my toes!!!  Calves are still a little tender this morning, but a bit of spikey ball action should sort that out.

I'd hoped to get onto it last night & have a soak in the bath, but a truck catching on fire on the freeway leaving us stuck in a traffic jam & not getting home until much later than planned kind of prevented that. 

Despite getting home late it was lovely catching up with friends on Sunday for lunch in Beechworth after a walk in the gorge (pictures of which above).

Bring on week 14!!!


Memphis Steve said...

I still have trouble with the fact that while we're roasting in the heat, you guys down under are freezing your koalas off.

AlleyCat said...

I think we are on the other side of winter now though :-) 18 degrees C today 19 degrees C tmw!!!

Carol said...

47 dogs good gracious! I hope none of them chased you. That's the worst, or the humiliation, I was once chased by a sausage dog. It wasn't pretty. I mean to say how much harm could I sausage dog do, and surely I could run faster than it!! As for the weight gain, a couple of people I know gained weight training for a marathon, par for the course I guess. You are truly a machine. I'm actually going to be in Melb now with a friend watching her hubby in the marathon so I hope to see you cross the line too!

AlleyCat said...

LOL - none of them chased me Carol!! I run through some very popular doggie parks :-)

Thanks for all your encouragement - it would be very cool to see you as I'm crossing that finishing line :-)