Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marathon Training Week 12/21

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This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: PT - 3 x 8 Goblet Squats, 3 x 8 Front Squats, 3 x Back Squats, 2 x 8 Bulgarian Split Squats each leg followed by explosive 5 step ups same leg + megga stretch; own core & foam rolling

Tuesday: PM Run 1: 7km hills normal pace - 41mins 23sec
Usual shoulder & glute activation work + core, chest & back

Wednesday: PM 15 mins walk; 15 mins rowing; 3 x sets 10 body weight squats, 3 x sets 12 push ups, farmers walks, incline crunches, tabata ab set.

Thursday: Run 2: 10km pace change every km 6mins, 5mins 30 sec, 5 mins, 5 mins 30 sec, 5 mins repeat -54mins 30sec
PM PT - Squats - weighted & body weight focusing on technique.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: AM 14kms - 83mins 1sec

Sunday: Rest

This week I ran hills outdoors for the first time in forever.  I've really only run hills outside a couple of times.  Usually I prefer to use the treadmill.  My excuse has been that there are no real hills in running distance from my house & that I'd have to drive somewhere first.  In winter this means running in the dark after work as weekends for the long run.

There is a little housing estate a couple of KMS from home, so I drove there & ran around the estate & up the big hill 7 times.  On top of Monday night's leg work I was feeling pretty cactus by the end.  Went to gym & did my usual stuff then spent a long time stretching & came home to foam roll.  My local (old) gym doesn't have foam rollers, but my new gym where I go for PT has a couple of foam rollers so I can do it straight after stretching there.

The 10km was interesting, I stuffed up the first 2kms - 5.42 then 6.17 - they were meant to be 6 mins then 5mins 30.  I'm putting it down to warming up.  Sometimes my legs are really stiff for the first km at least & I feel like I dawdling when in fact I'm going at a reasonable pace, then as they warm up I slow down a bit.  Oops.  The rest of the run was within 10 seconds of the target speed so was pretty happy.

Long run was pretty straight forward; I ran from home & ended up running along the Maribyrnong river.  It's really pretty at the moment, the day was still, no rain & everything is so green!!!  Lots of birds on the river & in the park, people walking & running.  Not as many dogs as my usual Williamstown route, but enough to keep me amused.

The rest of the weekend was pretty social.  Went to Geelong & to the footy with my mate D & her family.  Cat's won by 2 points!!!  D & her daughter are Freo supporters so it was good that it was close :-)

Sunday I met Mum & Dad at Southern Cross Station to collect their luggage.  They are off on an oversea's jaunt to a wedding in Canada & then on to Turkey.  They were visiting with Dad's cousin Sunday & then off to a 90th Birthday.  I met them at the 90th & picked them up.  I'm still not quite clear on the relationship, but the birthday girl was Peg & she was up to her 5th birthday party! 

 She's been living in a nursing home since January, but is still pretty active despite no longer being able to drive.  She was a Sargent Major in the army & that was/is her nick name.  She's not backwards about coming forwards & had us in fits of laughter.  I think she's Dad's second cousin's Mum.

Had a family dinner with Dad's brother & wife Monday night & then I dropped then at the airport Tuesday morning.  Had an email from Dad yesterday "Down safe.  Long queues at Melbourne & longer at Vancouver but good flights.  Weather warm & humid.  Fish & chips at a pub for tea. XXOO"

Running coach reminded me I only have 4 long runs left before the Marathon.  EEEEEEKKKKKKK Hope that doesn't do my head in over the next 8 weeks!!!!


Memphis Steve said...

Just reading about all those squats made me feel light headed.

So, you're running a zillion miles per workout and I'm limping on a treadmill with constant calf injuries. This running thing isn't working for me. My calves just won't cooperate. You go, girl! Run some hills for me. I used to love running those hills.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Steve, I'll think of you next time I'm cursing my way up a hill LOL!!!!!