Thursday, August 7, 2014

Marathon Training Week 11/21

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This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: PM PT - 3 x sets 10 Goblet squats + 10 Front Squats + 10 back squats; 3 x sets 2 sleigh runs (giddy up's!).

Tuesday: PM Run 1: 5km as fast as possible - 24mins 40sec
Usual shoulder & glute activation work + core, chest & back

Wednesday: PM Usual glute activation work, 1 legged squats, clams, 3 x sets 12 push ups; core

Thursday: AM Run 2: 5kms at normal pace 28 mins 11 sec
PM PT - cant remember!!!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: AM Run 3: 25kms slow & steady - 2hrs 31mins 52sec

Sunday: Rest

The long run this week was really good!!  I actually felt like I may just be able to do this marathon.  I was in a good head space for the whole run although a little cold!!  I could have kept going further although was pretty spent at the end as I picked up the pace for the last 2kms.  I was feeling pretty proud of 25kms - that is a fair distance.  I finally decided I really am a runner.

Bear with me - I do remember what it was like to not be able to run, or run 5kms.  When I made it to 10kms I felt it was an achievement, but that it was pretty insignificant in comparison to people who run marathons & half marathons.  
Even when I made it to the 21.1km distance, my brain was still telling me that it really wasn't very far considering people run marathons & ultra marathons.  Yep, I'm my own worse critic & apparently beat myself up instead of allowing myself to feel happy & proud of my running achievements.

As my PT says, I am a bit of a special child.  It takes me a while to catch on to these things.  My poor brain is a little complicated sometimes.  Anyhoo.  I really did feel proud & happy of my achievement this week & am looking forward to continuing on this marathon road.

I also pulled up pretty well after the long run - it's not so long ago I'd be wanting a week off after running the half marathon distance, but my legs felt good enough to do Monday night's squats - although they were a little tired & we had to go lighter in weight to maintain form.

Bring on week 12.  


Carol said...

FINALLY decided? You nut! You have been a runner since day dot! I'm sure. But yes I get it, we may know that, but it's our head that has to accept it.

AlleyCat said...

Yeah, I know. It's a bit daft!!! The other half keeps reminding me that I'm running insane distances now!!!!