Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Marathon Training Week 9/21

This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: PM PT - Body Weight Squats, Bulgarian split squats, resistance band sleigh runs (or as I call them giddy ups), kettle bell swings.

Tuesday: PM Usual shoulder & glute activation work + core, chest & back

Wednesday: PM Run 1: Treadmill 5km easy pace + body weight squats, push ups [increased from 3 x sets of 10 to 5 x sets on toes :-)], plank, captains chair leg raises, incline bench crunches, farmers walks + stretching

Thursday: PM PT - weighted front squats & cross fit burpees (practice for Saturdays class)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: AM Lazy Runner work shop - 3km time trial, 5km split time trial, cadence check, hamstring flexibility check.
PM Hybrid cross fit class with PT - front squats, burpees & butterfly crunches.

Sunday: 23kms!!!  2hrs 18 minutes

Running coach gave me an easy running week due to knee inflammation.  I kept up the ice & it was feeling pretty good by Sunday.  Plumbing Boy came with me to Williamstown bringing his bike, so that if I choked somewhere between 14 & 23kms I could call him & he'd come & pick me up (coach had left the distance up to me depending on how my knee was).

I had a little bit of a niggle in the first couple of kms then relaxed into it & was able to run the whole 23 with out pain.  It was there threatening, if you know what I mean, but did give me that knife like stabbing pain.  I kept focusing on something my PT said to me Thursday night when I wasn't coping very well with the front squats to start with - "you're just scared Cat.  trust yourself, you can do this.  you wont fall, & if you do I'll catch you".  

Not that he was there to catch me Sunday, but the mantra to stop being scared & trust in myself was pretty much what I needed. I was pretty stoked as 23kms is the furtherest I run.  EVER!!!!!

I'm icing as I type this & will continue to do so during the week to help settle the inflammation as discussed with running coach.  We had that conversation in person this week as she was in Melbourne conducting running workshops!  Despite the fact that she opened the session with "my coaching background is in AFL so I'll be yelling at you & I don't know how to be nice" she was just lovely!!!

I also met another girl she's coaching for her second marathon (she coached her for her first - so if that's not a good recommendation I don't know what is!!) who was also lovely & we've swapped numbers & are hoping to get together for a couple of runs prior to the Marathon!

My PT invited me to come & do a new class that he (& another PT) will be running on Saturdays.  It wasn't really advertised this week so he figured it would be just the two of us & was a good opportunity for me to score a 1 on 1 session for free!  I did however pay him in food :-)  It was a hybrid cross fit type class but we focused more on quality over quantity, the latter of which I believe cross fit is more about.

The PT's don't get to choose the work outs each week & they will differ, so depending on what they are & how far I've run on Saturday morning will determine whether or not I do the class every week.  I'll be leaving it up to Mike.

Next week is a shorter long run (16kms) but my shorter runs are longer LOL.  2 x 10kms. Bring It.