Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Marathon Training Week 8/21

This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: PM PT - box jumps, plyo jumps, kettle bell swings, kettle bell core.

Tuesday: AM Run 1: 5km - aim to get under 25 mins (24 mins 57 seconds)
PM Usual shoulder & glute activation work + core, chest & back

Wednesday: PM Run 2: 7km Hills (treadmill) 39 mins
+ push ups, body weight squats, planks + other core

Thursday: PM PT - Olympic lifts; theraband assisted pull ups; Plank knee to elbow core.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: AM 21.1kms 2hrs 5 mins

Sunday: Rest

I almost rolled over & went back to sleep the morning of run 1 as I could hear the wind blowing a gale outside, however I saw I had a message on my phone.  Just the motivation I needed - it was my PT telling me he'd gone for a run the previous night (after my session) & hoped that would get him some brownie points!!

Not only did I have to dodge branches that had come adrift in the wind, it was hard rubbish week & there were random items strewn across the footpath from the "30 - 50km per hour" squally winds.  There was a couch out on the nature strip about 500 metres from home & if it hadn't had boxes stacked up on it I swear I was ready to fling my self onto it & have a rest.  It was bloody hard.  I was stoked to find I managed to achieve the time goal even though I was slower than last week!

Hill run was fine on the treadmill.  PT was good, did a few different things including a piggy back rest break at one point. Despite a late night Friday (cousin's band's last ever gig) the long run Saturday morning was OK time wise but had some right knee pain between 14 & 21kms.  Had an acupuncture session booked for post run anyway so hoped that would sort it out.  

Alas, it was still sore Sunday morning, but have kept up with the ice & is feeling better today.  Running coach has advised no speed work for week 9 & to cut back the proposed distance this week if my knee gives pain.  Not sure if I'll be into that virgin territory or not til the day!!! Long run was supposed to be 23kms, but now will be anywhere between 14 & 23kms. 

I also get to meet my running coach this coming Saturday for a running workshop so am looking forward to that.  Just need to look after my knee!  


Carol said...

I hope the knee is okay, will continue to read, you may have updated in subsequent posts.

This winter has been a shocker for training. We were talking about it recently, how in the northern hemisphere they just get out and do it, in the freezing cold and in the snow. But as I countered, that may be, they are acclimatised perhaps, this is only my second year of pretty continuous running, so I'm still getting used to the crap weather and running being in the same sentence.

The cold maybe okay, but the wind, you did good !!

AlleyCat said...

Gosh i loathe the wind (when running at the very least anyway).

Ice seems to have really done the trick!!!!!!