Monday, July 7, 2014

Marathon Training Week 7/21

This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: PM PT - @ new gym - box jumps, squats, theraband lunges, farmers walks +  5km treadmill - just because

Tuesday: AM Run 1: 10km road 55mins 45 seconds
PM Usual shoulder & glute activation work + core, chest & back

Wednesday: @ home 3 x sets 10 push ups; core

Thursday: AM Run 2: 5km (aim to get under 25 mins) -24mins 49 seconds!!! (PB!)
PM @ old gym 15 mins walk tready; 15 mins rowing machine; 1 set side leg lifts, vertical & incline abs; tabata sets abs, farmers walks.

Friday: PM PT @ new gym - theraband assisted pull ups, theraband tows, push ups, box jumps, hamstring tensions exercises, kettle bell swings.

Saturday: AM Run 3: 20kms - 119 mins 47 seconds

Sunday: Rest

It's been a bit of a funny training week.  For Run 1 - running coach set me a goal to run 10kms as though I were in a race, as fast as possible & she was going to use that time to estimate my marathon time.  Oh dear.  I wish she hadn't told me that.

I psyched my self out of doing it Monday morning as planned.  I'd spent all day Sunday subconsciously (& consciously) worrying on it.  What if I ran a PB for the 10km & then wasn't able to deliver on Marathon day?  But if I don't run a PB, then all that speed work & training I've been doing will be for naught.  Sometimes I am quite the head case & the anxiety of it all almost became overwhelming.

I ran it Tuesday morning after promising Mike (PT) I would do so & just do my best.  I felt like I'd run hard & spew worthy & was totally dismayed with the time of
I'd run the Warrnambool 10km in January with hills under 50 minutes & the same course the year before just under 55 mins.  Clearly I don't do well under pressure.  I guess this means that I may beat coaches estimated finish time for the marathon yet.  Time will tell.

Was very happy with the 5km as I managed to get under 25 minutes on the road.  I'd done it on the treadmill last week but wasn't considering it a PB til I'd done it on the road.  I was still worrying about impending longer runs - virgin territory soon.  But as Carol said - one day at a time!!  

The 20km long run went well, I was zoned out for the majority of the run, not stressing about distance, pace or time & enjoyed it.  According to google I saw a "squadron" of Pelicans - there were 10 just hanging out in the wetland area, then I saw another 3 on a little estuary.  I tried an endurance drink this week - Tailwind Endurance Fuel - dropped it at the 9km mark of the trail.  

I didn't notice in the dark that the next section of the path was flooded by the estuary!!!! I had to run up & down a very pot holed side street in an industrial area to make up the last km, but worked well as I could dump my 600ml drink bottle on timber fence posts in-between swigs negating the need to carry it full!  I drank it all before the 11th km to find the bin that is usually there has gone!!!  Had to carry it empty for another couple of kms til I found a bin.

Coach wasn't too worried about my 10km time telling me that we all have off weeks & that I'm doing well.  So don't feel quite so bad as I did after the run.  Time to put it behind me & move forward.


Chris H said...

Huge kudos to you for being so committed to your running. I would love to see Pelicans like that... we don't have them here.

Memphis Steve said...

6 days a week? Wow! I just can't. I'd have to take ice baths and I don't have that much ice.

So far I haven't quit a race. I guess there's that. But I'm sure not getting faster. I need more training and better nutrition. And more sleep. And a better body 'cause this one is worn out.

You keep at it, girl. You're amazing me.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris!!! I didn't know you don't have pelicans. They are really cool :-)

AlleyCat said...

LOL Steve - sometimes I think I need ice baths.........but I stick to Radox / Epsom Salt hot baths. Don't cope well with the cold.

Yes, sleep, nutrition & training all helps!!!

David Duitsman said...

That is a solid week of training. I agree with your coach that everyone has off days/weeks. I find that if I try to get a PB on a certain route or distance I almost always run it slower. haha.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks David!!
That elusive PB is a bit of a killer LOL