Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Marathon Training Week 6/21

This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: AM PT - Ladder runs, resistance band glute activation work, body weight squats, farmers walks.

Tuesday: PM Run 1: 5km try to get under 25mins - 24.26mins, but done on treadmill, 1 deg incline + Usual shoulder & glute activation work, core, chest & back, body weight squats; stretching

Wednesday: PM Run 2: 7kms Hills - treadmill hills level 7 39.56mins; + push ups, core, body weight squats & stretching

Thursday: PM PT - resistant band glute activation work, body weight squats, lunges, farmers walks

Friday: Rest

Saturday: AM 18kms 106.45mins + 30 min free PT Session - squats, resistance band assisted pull ups, push ups, farmers walks + 1km rowing sprint

Sunday: Rest

The weather has been quite vile in Melbourne this week so I have done both shorter runs on the treadmill.  I don't mind the cold & I don't mind the rain.  I do mind the gale force squally wind we've had though, hence the treadmill.

Last week of PT with Magic Mike @ my gym this week.  Lucky for me Mike's new gym had an open day on the weekend so I went & had a look & to meet with Mike & his new manager to suss out what sort of a deal they can do for me.

I was instructed to wear training gear so I could try out some of the gear - Mike decided I needed a free PT session which was tough after an 18km run, but what killed me was the rowing.  There were 2 x baskets of prizes set up in the cardio area including a jar of protein, so Mike had to check them out.  It was for a rowing competition.  Fastest 1km time wins.  Yep, Mike said I had do that for my cool down as he was sure I could beat the best time to date.

I went out too hard too fast & almost had to stop & throw up!!  Pushed through & made it to the end of the km a minute or so faster than the previous best on the list.  Comp finished at 9pm last night so I don't know if I won or not yet.  I was so shaky afterwards I could barely walk, let alone fill in the required paper work to sign up!!

I'm now a member @ GoodLife - a bit more expensive than what I've been paying, but the facility & equipment is in far better nick than where I am, plus the membership I've sign up for allows me access to all Goodlife clubs.  My current membership expires in a few months & was on an exceptional deal, so all is good.  As Plumbing Boy says, it's for my health so as long as I'm using it, it's all good.

18km run was without incident & not too hard.  I'm starting to get a little anxious about the increasing distance as I'll be in foreign territory soon!!!!


Memphis Steve said...

I can't even begin to contemplate doing the kind of workout schedule that you're doing. It's all I can do to run 3 times per week without breaking a leg or having my head fall off or something.

AlleyCat said...

I sincerely hope your head doesn't fall off!!! Or something mate!!!

Carol said...

I'm so behind with blog reading, being an ol' nanna will do that to you ;-) haha. And now I'm exhausted reading your training regime! Oy! I need a nanna nap! Foreign territory will be okay, I'm sure you will handle it, nothing to compare it with right? One day at a time.


AlleyCat said...

Thanks Carol - one day at a time is it.

Hope you are enjoying your granddaughter!!! exciting times.