Friday, July 11, 2014

Apples V Pears

I had what I thought was an interesting conversation with a couple of friends about bottoms recently.  We were talking about exercise & I mentioned that my PT had asked me what I wanted to change about my body.  I said I wanted a smaller butt.  He laughed & said everyone wants a bigger butt these days Cat.  I thought about that for a minute & explained what I really wanted was more apple less pear.

My mate who I was speaking to laughed & relayed an experience he'd had at a bar recently with another female friend.  The female friend commented on the behind of the girl working behind the bar saying "what a great arse".  The girl behind the bar had a rather large pear shaped bottom with a very tiny waist & dressed to accentuate.  

My idea of the perfect butt is 2 strong athletic apple/peach shaped muscles, but this is not to everyone's liking.  I guess the only point of this post is that you just never know who's checking out your behind & saying what a great arse!!!!!!


Carol said...

Totally get it! Just like I would like longer legs so I could look more graceful running, rather than looking like the energizer bunny on red cordial! Haha

Carol /

AlleyCat said...

LOL gotta love the energizer bunny!!!!