Friday, June 6, 2014

Throw Back Whatever

Some of you out there regularly do throw back Thursdays (or any other day of the week), keeping up with Wordless Wednesdays is enough of a challenge for me.  However my cousin was going through my grandma's photo album the other day & came across some baby photos of me & my sister, so I thought I'd share.

That's my Mum holding us!  It's strange, I really feel disconnected about the whole fact that our Mum carried us in her womb for 9 months each & then gave birth to us.  I have no idea if this is because I haven't had children myself of if I'm just a little crazy!!  

Gosh we look like little boys!!!

Last long weekend here in Australia until November.  I'm going to the movies with the work social club tonight, a wedding on Sunday & to friends for dinner afterwards.  

Hope you have a fabulous weekend what ever you happen to be doing :-)

PS Go Cats!!!!!

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Chris H said...

I also thought you girls looked like boys... albeit very cute boys! We don't have another long weekend till October! Boo hoo.