Friday, June 13, 2014

Marathon Training Week 3/21

Last week's training looked like this:

Monday: 5.30pm PT - Bulgarian split squats, weighted squats, 1 leg bench jumps, Swiss ball glute bridges, farmers walks.

Tuesday: PM - usual Shoulder & Glute work; core

Wednesday: PM Run 1: speed session 5km - 1/2 km slow, 1/2 km as fast as possible alternating.  Done on treadmill. Watch broke so don't have split times.  Also did some core & Push Ups

Thursday: 5.30pm PT - didn't write down what we did & O can't remember now!

Friday: AM Run 2: 5km, try to get under 26 minutes - was 26 minutes exactly.

Saturday: AM Run 3: 14km slo & steady - 83mins

I was surprised that Friday's run was slower than the week before as I'd just about kicked the cold & felt like the run was spew worthy (came close to throwing up I pushed so hard) so was a little disappointed I was slower.

Sunday I went to the wedding of a friend PT-K I used to train with way back before I started blogging.  I didn't really know anyone other than the bride & 2 of her friends (that I'd only met once before), but had a really good time!!!! Hoping to start training again with PT-K if we can align our schedules & training goals!!  She's not distance running as she has knee problems.

My lovely PT has been poached & is leaving our gym for one of the "Big 4" gym's (as he put it).  He asked me if I'd be interested in still training with him, at the new place as he doesn't trust any of the PT's my gym with my training.  He made me tear up a bit actually telling me that, & also that as I was an athlete, not just a general client wanting to look hot or fit into a dress or suit, that he really wanted to keep training me.  Bless!!!!  I really don't consider myself an athlete!!!!

As he's so good of course I said yes.  Details are a little up in the air until he starts - he said he took the job on the provision that he can take me with him & that they can do me a good deal membership wise LOL.  Just have to wait & see.  It will be a 30 minute drive to get there, but it's only twice a week, so am happy to do it.

On to week 4!


C said...

I'm sure he appreciates having a dedicated and hard working client so he'll be thrilled you are following him to the new gym. I bet he enjoys your achievements almost as much as you do!

Good work Cat, you continue to inspire me. :)


AlleyCat said...

Aww thanks Clarissa.

You inspire me with your ability to survive all that you've gone through in the past 12 months (+) with humility & love. xo