Monday, June 2, 2014

Marathon Training Week 2/21

Week 2 completed, 3 runs plus my own stuff & looked like this:

Monday: PM PT - leg stuff various
Tuesday: PM own shoulder & knee stuff, core, chest & back
Wednesday: PM Run 1: Speed Session - treadmill 1st km warm up, 2nd km run as fast as possible, 3rd km slow recovery, 4th km run as fast as possible, 5th km slow cool down - was supposed to record the times but my watch chucked a wobbly & NONE of my runs are there (stores 10)
Thursday: PM PT - Bulgarian split squat session
Friday: AM Run 2: 5km try to get under 26 mins - 25.52mins (I had written this one straight onto the spreadsheet on the pantry wall so luckily had it)
Saturday: AM Run 3 - 13kms slow & steady (77 minutes - wrote this one straight down too)
Sunday: Rest

Been battling another head cold :-( hadn't had one for 3 + years & now I've had 2 x minor colds already this winter.  SUX!!!  Plumbing Boy has been worse than me though, so I am grateful that I've been able to train (hopefully without infecting anyone) through it.

So far so good, still in familiar territory with the runs.  It won't be until I push past the half marathon distance of 21.1km that I'll really start to feel it & possibly feel fatigued.

No ITB pain since the half marathon or any other niggles either so am happy with that; lets see what happens as the distance progresses.

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