Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kayano 20's

Introducing the Kayano 20's!!!

I cannot thank Carol enough for blogging about her experience with The Running Company Geelong - after reading about her experience I decided to give them a go as I've got almost 600kms clocked up on one pair & 500kms on the other current pairs. They won't get me through the Marathon let alone the training!!

Bree who looked after me on Saturday was fabulous.  I spent probably an hour in the shop trying on all different shoes running on the treadmill with each pair & reviewing my running style in slow motion to make sure we had the best possible shoe, giving me the best possible alignment.

Once we narrowed it down to two she had me run with one on each foot & then reverse then so they were on opposite feet to completely confirm which one felt better.  The Kayano 20's were the clear winner for comfort & fit & will be perfect for the Marathon with the extra cushioning in the heel.  While I'm a midfoot runner, as the distance increases & you get more tired, apparently you tend to be heavier on your heels (according to Bree - but it makes sense!!).

Tested then out this morning & ran a PB over 5kms.  The felt great.  I'll definitely wear them on my long run Saturday.  Thank you Bree & The Running Company Geelong - you ROCK!!!!!


Chris H said...

Wow they are gorgeous! I need new walking shoes, cos I SURE IN HELL DON'T RUN!!! lol
We have a good sports shoe shop that has the same technology to track how you walk/run etc. I always end up in the same shoes. They are not as pretty as yours sadly.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris - maybe that's why your shins are sore - need new shoes!!! I have had some ugly ones before so was very excited that these ones look so good :0)

Emile Buttocks said...


AlleyCat said...


Carol said...

Oh I am so happy, and it was Bree that looked after me too. I must admit although I left the store feeling great, it did take me probably 2 or so weeks to completely feel comfortable in mine, being that mine are a completely different base to stop me from rolling inwards. But now I'm in love with my Mizunos. Yours are so snazzy, I love them. And yeah yeah, it's not all about the colour, but wow!


AlleyCat said...

I must admit i was very happy when the purty ones fitted best!!! But thank you for the heads up on the shop. They & Bree were awesome!!!!

Matilda Iglesias said...

TRC are fantastic. I bought my new shoes there too (only a week before you).
I ended up with the Kinvara4's, they work a treat on my feet.

Once you get professionally fitted at a running store like that you'll never go off the shelf at a sports store again.
The service you get is fantastic. Well worth it in my experience.

I use to run in the kayano's but they are now just walking shoes, as they don't suit me anymore. Oh well it happens, an excuse to buy more shoes.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Matilda,
I've been fitted at Running Fit in the city as well as active feet in Prahran (& the athlete's foot).

Running Fit were so much better than Active Feet & the others; but TRC were BY FAR SUPERIOR in their professionalism, range & attention to ensuring the best possible shoe for what I needed.

Glad you are happy with the K4's. Nothing like a new pair of shoes :-)