Friday, May 9, 2014


I took the week off after the 1/2 marathon to visit the family for a little R&R & to go to the local races with my sister.  Her partner trains race horses as a hobby so she is quite into it & while they didn't have a horse running, we went Tuesday & Thursday & got quite dressed up.  I've got a wedding to go to soon & the dress code is formal & wedding is @ 11am - do you think I could get away with day 1's frock minus the head wear - I'm thinking it's a bit too short........???

Day 1 Frockery & head wear

Day 2 Frockery & head wear

Day 1 I think I spent $16 on bets & didn't win anything, Day 2 $4 & won approximately $20 (still need to collect) so broke even.  Big gambler aren't I!!!

Day 1 was warmer but wetter & windier, day 2 was colder but no rain.  I spent Day 1 hanging out with my sister & her partner, then went to the pub afterwards which had a band playing so had a bit of a dance & home by 9pm (pretty good effort considering the champers started at noon)!

The second day I caught up with a few mates from high school which was an absolute hoot.  Lets say there was more champers on day two & I was home comatose by 7pm!!!

 Monday I chilled with a massage followed by sauna & spa, then around to Mum & Dad's for dinner.  Mum got called into work, so Dad cooked for me.  Anyone who knows my Dad will guess what he cooked............his fave......sausages!!  They were gourmet pork & fennel & delicious!!

Wednesday Sis & I slept in & then went for a walk along the break water, went out for lunch, went & saw a movie, then I cooked dinner for them + Ma & Pa.

Friday I visited my aunt & uncle for the day until it was time to collect Tess my niece from school.  We decided on what to cook for dinner, then shopped & came home & prepped.  Tess loves cooking & was so excited about the upcoming season of Master Chef - what ever you think of reality TV, I'd rather she was excited about that than Neigbours LOL!!!

Got up at stupid O'Clock & drove back to Melbourne Saturday morning in the fog - it took 2 hours to clear & it wasn't until I was almost in Geelong I could see further than 1 - 3 car spaces ahead/around me!  Not much fun.  They'd finally opened the Hamilton Hwy so was able to go the back way.  You can read why it was closed for almost a month here.  Due to said fog all I saw were the half a dozen police cars & portaloo's still out the front of the house - no bomb site for me!

It was good to be home & back in my own bed - didn't sleep so well while I was away - should have taken my pillow!!!  I kind of missed my life while I was away - not being in control of my food was challenging although I cooked a few times, my regular eating was well out of whack!!  I missed Plumbing Boy, my darling little cat & not so strangely these days, I missed my training!!!  Deary me, I've turned into one of those people LOL.


Chris H said...

I love both dresses, and either one would be perfect for a midday 'formal' wedding.

AlleyCat said...

thanks Chris!!!!!

Emile Buttocks said...

I agree. I think you could wear either one to the wedding.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks EB!!!!

Carol said...

Sounds like a perfect time home with family. Both dresses are gorgeous, but I particularly like the first one.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Carol - the first one is my fave too!!