Monday, May 19, 2014

Official Marathon Training

Official Marathon Training started today!!  I received my long run time table for the next 21 weeks until race day from coach, which I'll be doing on Saturday mornings (mainly - & the odd Sunday if required).  I'll update weekly for those of you who are interested!!  

Coach will give me 2 other runs to do during each week dependent on how I hold up from my long run, but will generally be a shorter run 5 - 10kms which I'll be doing on Monday mornings & a speed session which I'll be doing Wednesday nights at gym on the treadmill.

Last week's training looked like this:

Monday: PT pm (weighted squats)
Tuesday Morning: last weeks 10km slow time trial
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: this weeks Short Run 7km at normal pace am + PT pm (various)
Friday: this weeks Speed Session - 5km on treadmill each km progressively 10 seconds faster
Saturday: this weeks Long Run - 10km slow & steady.

Bring It!!


Memphis Steve said...

I just can't even imagine doing that. Argh!

Matilda Iglesias said...

Good luck, do you have a goal time in mind yet, or you not sure.
You will rock it.
It's a good time to test out nutrition.
Check out runners kitchen and her amazeballs, that really are amazeballs.

AlleyCat said...

LOL @ Steve

Thanks Matilda - have just checked out runners kitchen - looks good!!!