Monday, May 12, 2014

Marathon Training

Now that I've had a week off to recover from the 1/2 marathon, it's time start full Marathon Training.

I'm actually feeling pretty calm about it now.  I do know I need to run much much slower on my long runs instead of trying to chase a PB each time I go out.  This & having a coach who will no doubt be reminding me of this (among other things) will surely get me over the line!!!

Last week's schedule was 3 time trials for my coach, in order for her to determine my training program & its length.  She recommends 16 - 20 weeks preparation & we are 23 weeks out at the moment (22 weeks by the time I post this).

Run 1: 3km as fast as possible did this on the treadmill (coach suggested it) Tuesday night with the incline set to 1 degree: 13.56mins 
(it was supposed to be hard, I was supposed to huff & puff & I almost yelled out to Mike (PT) on his way past to get me a bucket!!! ie almost wanted to puke by the end)

Run 2: 5km @ normal pace with split recorded.
Total Time 27.34, split 14.04

Run 3: 10km slow & stead pace
not yet done

I'm guessing I'll be repeating these time trials throughout the training program to see how I'm progressing & it will give coach a starting point.  

Coach asked me what were the 3 things I wanted to achieve with this training, number 1 being the most important which I answered as follows:

1. Finishing a Marathon without stopping
2. Finishing a Marathon in nominated time (4 - 4.5 hours), under 4 hours would be spectacular, but I feel it more important to run the whole way without stopping for some reason.
3. Train & complete a Marathon without injury.

I've nominated Beyond Blue as the charity I want to fund raise for having had a couple of people close to me suicide & numerous friends including family who struggle with depression & anxiety.  

If you want to support me, click on the link below.  I'll put the link up each time I do a training update so you can wait until you're confident I'll do the run before donating if you like LOL!!!

Watch this space!!

As you can see I didn't complete the 3rd run - my weekend was rather busy with social activities resulting in not enough sleep & little motivation to go for a (long) run!!!  

very cool wine decanter at Friday nights dinner - you can take it out of the silver holder, pop it on the table lay it on it's side or it spin it like a top, all without spinning a drop!

some of Friday night's shenanigans - who has a skeleton at home??  Let alone one in a pirate hat - had to take some pics!

I think I've finally caught up seeing everyone I tend to avoid while I'm in full training mode, so I should be back on track now!


Carol said...

Cat the time trials will be interesting to track as you continue. But your 3km time? Faints!

Carol /

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Carol!! hahah i almost did afterwards (faint) - wanted to puke!!