Friday, May 30, 2014


For some reason this week has been the longest in history!!!  Am looking forward to a quiet one with lots of sleeping, catching up on domestic chores & chilling out.  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend whatever you are doing.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Marathon Training 1/21

Official Marathon training started last week & consisted of 3 runs plus my usual stuff.

Monday: AM Run 1 - 5km (at a faster pace): 26.14mins + PM PT
Tuesday: shoulder & knee rehab + chest/back + core
Wednesday: PM Run 2 - Speed Session (treadmill), 3 x 2km
first set - warm up 1st km, run as fast as you can 2nd km 10.54mins
second set - 1st km run as fast as you can, 2nd km jog 11.05 mins
third set - run as fast as you can both kms 9.52 mins
Finished off with stretches & core
Thursday: PM Pt
Friday: Rest
Saturday: - Run 3: 12km slow & steady - actually ran 13kms 81 mins
Sunday: Rest

Had a pretty good week training wise.  The speed session is HARD but it is supposed to be.  I don't dread it, but I'm happy when it's done!

I'm actually doing about 10 minutes of core every morning including rest days.  It's 2 tabata sets where you alternate the exercise for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest x 8.  Currently I do a V sit, flutter kick, scissors, & bicycle twice over in each set.  I pinky promised my PT I'd do it every day.  So far so good.  We had visitors on the weekend so I had a little company after my long run Saturday morning.

The youngest made up his own afterwards, just gorgeous!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Official Marathon Training

Official Marathon Training started today!!  I received my long run time table for the next 21 weeks until race day from coach, which I'll be doing on Saturday mornings (mainly - & the odd Sunday if required).  I'll update weekly for those of you who are interested!!  

Coach will give me 2 other runs to do during each week dependent on how I hold up from my long run, but will generally be a shorter run 5 - 10kms which I'll be doing on Monday mornings & a speed session which I'll be doing Wednesday nights at gym on the treadmill.

Last week's training looked like this:

Monday: PT pm (weighted squats)
Tuesday Morning: last weeks 10km slow time trial
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: this weeks Short Run 7km at normal pace am + PT pm (various)
Friday: this weeks Speed Session - 5km on treadmill each km progressively 10 seconds faster
Saturday: this weeks Long Run - 10km slow & steady.

Bring It!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Marathon Training

Now that I've had a week off to recover from the 1/2 marathon, it's time start full Marathon Training.

I'm actually feeling pretty calm about it now.  I do know I need to run much much slower on my long runs instead of trying to chase a PB each time I go out.  This & having a coach who will no doubt be reminding me of this (among other things) will surely get me over the line!!!

Last week's schedule was 3 time trials for my coach, in order for her to determine my training program & its length.  She recommends 16 - 20 weeks preparation & we are 23 weeks out at the moment (22 weeks by the time I post this).

Run 1: 3km as fast as possible did this on the treadmill (coach suggested it) Tuesday night with the incline set to 1 degree: 13.56mins 
(it was supposed to be hard, I was supposed to huff & puff & I almost yelled out to Mike (PT) on his way past to get me a bucket!!! ie almost wanted to puke by the end)

Run 2: 5km @ normal pace with split recorded.
Total Time 27.34, split 14.04

Run 3: 10km slow & stead pace
not yet done

I'm guessing I'll be repeating these time trials throughout the training program to see how I'm progressing & it will give coach a starting point.  

Coach asked me what were the 3 things I wanted to achieve with this training, number 1 being the most important which I answered as follows:

1. Finishing a Marathon without stopping
2. Finishing a Marathon in nominated time (4 - 4.5 hours), under 4 hours would be spectacular, but I feel it more important to run the whole way without stopping for some reason.
3. Train & complete a Marathon without injury.

I've nominated Beyond Blue as the charity I want to fund raise for having had a couple of people close to me suicide & numerous friends including family who struggle with depression & anxiety.  

If you want to support me, click on the link below.  I'll put the link up each time I do a training update so you can wait until you're confident I'll do the run before donating if you like LOL!!!

Watch this space!!

As you can see I didn't complete the 3rd run - my weekend was rather busy with social activities resulting in not enough sleep & little motivation to go for a (long) run!!!  

very cool wine decanter at Friday nights dinner - you can take it out of the silver holder, pop it on the table lay it on it's side or it spin it like a top, all without spinning a drop!

some of Friday night's shenanigans - who has a skeleton at home??  Let alone one in a pirate hat - had to take some pics!

I think I've finally caught up seeing everyone I tend to avoid while I'm in full training mode, so I should be back on track now!

Friday, May 9, 2014


I took the week off after the 1/2 marathon to visit the family for a little R&R & to go to the local races with my sister.  Her partner trains race horses as a hobby so she is quite into it & while they didn't have a horse running, we went Tuesday & Thursday & got quite dressed up.  I've got a wedding to go to soon & the dress code is formal & wedding is @ 11am - do you think I could get away with day 1's frock minus the head wear - I'm thinking it's a bit too short........???

Day 1 Frockery & head wear

Day 2 Frockery & head wear

Day 1 I think I spent $16 on bets & didn't win anything, Day 2 $4 & won approximately $20 (still need to collect) so broke even.  Big gambler aren't I!!!

Day 1 was warmer but wetter & windier, day 2 was colder but no rain.  I spent Day 1 hanging out with my sister & her partner, then went to the pub afterwards which had a band playing so had a bit of a dance & home by 9pm (pretty good effort considering the champers started at noon)!

The second day I caught up with a few mates from high school which was an absolute hoot.  Lets say there was more champers on day two & I was home comatose by 7pm!!!

 Monday I chilled with a massage followed by sauna & spa, then around to Mum & Dad's for dinner.  Mum got called into work, so Dad cooked for me.  Anyone who knows my Dad will guess what he cooked............his fave......sausages!!  They were gourmet pork & fennel & delicious!!

Wednesday Sis & I slept in & then went for a walk along the break water, went out for lunch, went & saw a movie, then I cooked dinner for them + Ma & Pa.

Friday I visited my aunt & uncle for the day until it was time to collect Tess my niece from school.  We decided on what to cook for dinner, then shopped & came home & prepped.  Tess loves cooking & was so excited about the upcoming season of Master Chef - what ever you think of reality TV, I'd rather she was excited about that than Neigbours LOL!!!

Got up at stupid O'Clock & drove back to Melbourne Saturday morning in the fog - it took 2 hours to clear & it wasn't until I was almost in Geelong I could see further than 1 - 3 car spaces ahead/around me!  Not much fun.  They'd finally opened the Hamilton Hwy so was able to go the back way.  You can read why it was closed for almost a month here.  Due to said fog all I saw were the half a dozen police cars & portaloo's still out the front of the house - no bomb site for me!

It was good to be home & back in my own bed - didn't sleep so well while I was away - should have taken my pillow!!!  I kind of missed my life while I was away - not being in control of my food was challenging although I cooked a few times, my regular eating was well out of whack!!  I missed Plumbing Boy, my darling little cat & not so strangely these days, I missed my training!!!  Deary me, I've turned into one of those people LOL.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Race Report

Sorry for the wait!!  I've been on annual leave for a week with my Sis & family & got a bit side tracked!  

I was lucky enough to spot Carol just before we started & bravely introduced myself & wished her luck.  Then we were off.

Official time:

Finish Time
Overall :488 / 743
Gender :180 / 366
Categ :46 / 107

My watch was a little faster, but that's neither here nor there.  Was completely stoked with the time, but that ITB right knee pain flared up between the 5th & 6th km as I went out to fast & I almost pulled out of the run altogether at that point.  I calmed down a bit & the pain eased off but I did have to nurse it through the rest of the run.  

I settled into the groove & managed the run without too much mental anguish, other than the intermittent knee pain.  Before I knew it I'd reached the half way mark, then the count down was on til the end.  I saved my last spurt of speed & sprinted down the finishing chute & over the finish line.  Collected my apple, water bottle & a gym towel (instead of a medal!) & found Plumbing Boy who I had spotted before the finish when he yelled out & cheered me on.

Stretched, smashed my water & the protein drink I'd left with PB & rugged up (you'll see me on Carol's blog in 2 jumpers & a beanie).  PB took off to go meet his dirt bike riding mates & go for a ride while I hung about cheering the rest of the finishers over the line.  I wanted to see Carol finish her first 1/2 Marathon & congratulate here & yes, Carol, I did walk back towards the bridge to find you & figured walking would help me keep warm :-)

I waited until the last person crossed the finish line, then went to find Carol, had a quick chat then hit the road for the 2.5 hour drive down to see my family.  I wore my skins home & to bed that night & woke up feeling pretty good.  Kept them on most of Monday too as well as having a massage followed by a sauna & spa at one of the local day spa's as a bit of a post run treat.  Took a couple of anti inflammatory tablets post race as well as hitting the foam roller so I guess all that helped with the post race soreness & I was able to go for a 5km run yesterday without knee pain.

I really enjoyed this event, being smaller was a good thing & everyone was so encouraging of the runners no matter where they came in the run.  I would be more than happy to make this an annual event on my run calender, so thank you to all of those involved in the organisation of the event.  I'll leave you with a couple of post run pic's...........the smile says it all!!