Thursday, April 10, 2014

Half Marathon Training Week 9

Mon 31/3: Scheduled 5am 5.5kms (didn't do) & 5.30pm PT DID

Tues 1/4: unscheduled 5.5kms @5am + Knee & shoulder rehab + Core 

Wed 2/4: 5am 8.5kms + 5.45pm Boxing

Thurs 3/4: 5am 5.5kms (didn't do) + 5.30pm PT (totally smashed)

Fri 4/4: Rest - rescheduled the 5.5kms from yesterday DONE

Sat 5/4: 16kms - did 21.3kms 120 mins

Sun 6/4: Rest

This week as all about recovering from lasts weeks long run & keeping up the shorter training runs.  Recovery went well, but the training runs not so well.  Missed Monday, but made it up Tuesday, missed Thursday, intended to make it up Friday morning but slept through the alarm, rescheduled for Friday night.

The rest of the week was spent in a quandary as to what distance to run this Saturday.  My training plan was to alternate between 21 & 16 starting week 7, week 8 - 16, this week 21, with next week (week 10) 18kms, week 11 - 13 kms week 12 event.  Because the ITB flared up week 7 the plan is all out of whack.  I could go 16 this week & 21 next week, but I've got the 5km electric run next Saturday night.  Not sure if it's a good idea to do 21 + 5 in one day!!!  

I decided to wait until Saturday morning & run somewhere between 16 & 21kms depending on how I'm felt, although was pretty keen to give the distance another crack.

PT on Thursday night was killer!!!  Another PT was training 2 x girls where we were & I think Mike was feeling a little friendly rivalry with the other PT & absolutely smashed me!!!!  Everything rep was to the max with bugger all rest time between.  He had to help me off the incline bench after completing the session with incline sit ups til failure.  I thought I was going to have to roll off that bench upside down I was that stuffed!!!

Friday nights catch up run was on the treadmill followed by lots of stretching.  I could barely manage any core work due to still being so sore from Thursday's PT session.

Saturday morning Plumbing Boy decided he wanted to go for a run early & took my car.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike sharing a car???  Instead of leaving home at 6.30am as planned, I left at 7.30am as he didn't get back until then.  By the time I got to the start point, it was 8am.  The sky was very grey & I suspected it might rain.  

remembered to take some photo's today - here is a massive container ship that cruised past as I was getting organised in the car park..

Opted for a long sleeve top which I thought I was going to have to strip off at one point & just run in a crop as I was too hot!!!  The breeze picked up & eventually I had to roll my sleeves back down to keep warm.  I suspect as the top was so wet with sweat it was making me cooler than I would have been had I been wearing a short sleeve top!

as the clouds came over it was very grey

The rain held off & the run was pretty uneventful until the 16km mark when I mentally wanted to stop.  I don't think I've ever found it so difficult to complete a run.  I had to use every ounce of cunning to talk myself into continuing!!  

My breathing was out of control & it took a while to calm that down.  My old PT Craig used to say to me "control your breathing & you control everything else".  I used that as a bit of a mantra & ended up counting my breath in & out for every single step/breath of the last 6kms to get through.

I also used his mantra of "just get it done" & some positive reinforcement from Mike "head up Cat" & "I'm proud of you - you should be proud of you".  Damn it was hard.  But.  I did it & got the time too.  It will be touch & go on the day as there will be people to dodge, I don't know the course & water stations to use (& navigate) among other factors as to whether I can formally crack the 2 hours.

I was soooooooooo glad to make it back to the car.  I think I counted to 1000 twice or was it 5 times over that last 6kms!!!  A few stretches then it was off to get a well deserved coffee!

I really love running bayside - as you can see in the pic's I get to run past a couple of yacht clubs & a marina.  Plus there are serious shipwrights & commercial repairs done as you can see by the big boat in the picture above the coffee shop.  No pic's of the wetlands & birds - I have my phone strapped to the small of my back while running & it's a drag to get out while running if I don't want to break my stride.

Again I did the water drop & practiced eating jelly beans. I did spend the last 6kms thinking I'm delusional if I think I could attempt the next distance (don't want to say it out loud as it still terrifies me - just remove the half from the training I'm doing now & you will know what I'm on about).

My legs were really sore after last weeks long run so this week I had the bright idea to wear my skins under my jeans for the rest of Saturday/Saturday night & even slept in them & was very happy to feel like I had normal legs on Sunday!!!

Had a date with Cinders at the Footy Saturday night (Tully - we missed you!!), sorry, no pic's, but had a good time cheering our respective teams.  Was a bit of a scrappy game, but pretty close with my team victorious in the end.  This expedition included 30 minute walks at either end getting to public transport & then from PT to the MCG, so was ready for a complete rest day on Sunday.

Bring on week 10. 


Emile Buttocks said...

I think its hilarious that you list missing a workout because you were smashed! You have turned into a super athlete with all this training and split routines. I'll never catch you now.

AlleyCat said...

totally smashed in as my PT broke me not as in drunk LOL!!! almost as funny though.........