Monday, April 7, 2014

Eating for 1/2 Marathon Training

I've been asked recently what I need to eat to train for a half marathon.  The answer for me is nothing different to what I usually eat.  I've been pretty much eating the same things for the past 12 months now & have maintained my weight (after the initial 6kg loss).  

Although since we bought the Thermomix for Christmas, breakfast has been pretty much smoothies all the way!!!  As the weather turns colder we'll revert back to porridge - need the warmth!!!

In case you are interested, here is a week in my life of eating (& training)!!!

Running Mornings: 4.45am: alarm goes off.  When I remember or if thirsty, a chug or two of water.

5am: out the door for a run usually 3 days 

Non Running Mornings: 5.30am: alarm goes off.

by 6am: in the shower & chugging down between 500mls & 1 litre of water

by 6.30am: Breakfast:

1 scoop Chocolate flavored protein, 1/2 a banana, 50g frozen raspberries, 1/2 cup fat free greek yogurt, about the same of low fat milk (usually Plumbing boy has this too so the quantities are doubled).  I don't actually measure the yogurt or the milk, could be a little more, or less.

7.30am: Cup of tea with milk, no sugar, in my new fangtasia mug (thanks Miss K)

8.30am: Coffee with half a cup of low fat milk, the other half water, no sugar.

10am: 1 x hard boiled egg seasoned with a little salt & some cracked black pepper.  I like mine on the gooey side.

12pm: Lunches

Split in 2 - big handful of spinach & rocket; 1 medium chicken breast; 3 decent slices of sweet potato, steamed brocolini, steamed beetroot, 1 x decent tablespoon hummus for each bowl, drizzle hot chili sauce for each bowl, 1/2 handful of nuts (in second lunch as they live by my desk); 1st lunch + 1 Lindt ball & a cup of tea

3.30pm - 4pm: 2nd Lunch (or pre training snack).  I used to eat the both lunches for lunch (less half the homus & chili sauce) & just a handful of nuts for afternoon tea sometimes with a banana on the way to gym.  I'm finding this works much better.  I used to feel sickly full after lunch & lacked energy later in the day.  Now I'm hungry by 3 - 3.30pm & have more energy for gym.

5.15pm: on the treadmill warming up on PT & gym nights

5.30pm: PT 30 mins Mon & Thurs, OR own training Tues, Boxing Class Wed, sometimes own training or a class on  Friday.

7.30pm - 8pm: Dinner - usually protein of some sort & veg or salad.  + 1 Lindt ball

Veg - steamed brocoli, cauli, brocolini, beetroot, roasted pumpkin, sweet potato (& potato for him), green beans, snow peas are all regulars.  Salad - spinach & rocket, snow peas, asparagus, tomato, spanish onion, avocado, steamed beetroot, steamed brocolini & fetta cheese are all regulars.

Sometimes after gym I am super starving & might have 2 or 3 rice crackers with hummus to tide me over while I cook dinner.  If dinner is going to be more than an hour after training & Mike has yelled at me on the way out of gym "EAT SOME PROTEIN NOW CAT" I might have a small power bar & scale down the protein in my dinner.  Or I might eat a tin of salmon or tuna when I walk in the door & skip the protein I was planning to have with dinner & just eat the veg/salad.  I tend to eat my dinner in the same bowl as I use for lunch to help with portion control.  I like food & pretty much always eat everything served up.  Better I serve up less......

Water - I sip on it all day & usually drink between 3 - 4 litres per day.

The above is a typical week day for me.  

Friday nights we often have pasta especially while if I'm doing long runs Saturday mornings.  I usually cook 150 grams for both of us, Plumbing Boy has around 100 grams & me the rest.  I really struggle with the protein with pasta as I'm a fan of Matriciana style, so have been playing around with adding chicken, less of the tomato sauce & some sour cream to make it less tomatoey.  I'm just not a fan of chicken & tomato together!!!

Saturday night we are often at friends, having friends over or out for dinner.  Generally I'd choose a steak if out.  If at friends I eat what ever is going & of course if cooking I make it balanced in my favour!

Sunday night is pizza night & I make my own base (flour, water, yeast).  I struggle again here with protein as we usually have hot salami, roasted pumpkin & eggplant with olives & pineapple, some times prawns, plus anchovies & chili flakes for me.  Mega salt hit.  Did anyone say fluid retention on Monday morning??  I've had to reduce the size of my pizza as I'm prone to eating everything in front of me & the thought of messing up my week day eating by leaving some for the next day doesn't help me to just STOP eating it!!

I do prep all my food on the weekend - this means steaming the veg, baking the chicken & sweet potato & hard boiling my eggs.  I've been known to freeze the chicken & sweet potato in advance when I know I'll be away on or time poor on a weekend.  This makes sure I always have something I like that has a nutritional value to eat!!  

I also make up big batches of lamb curry, bolognaise  sauce (I have mine on salad or steamed veg + Parmesan) & matriciana sauce to freeze, so this means 2 week nights at least I don't actually have to cook, just reheat.  Works well on nights I'm home late.

BTW I am NOT a nutritionist, & you should consider your own health requirements when meal planning.  I'm trying to eat in a balanced way that minimizes processed food, refined carbs & sugar (with the exception of my Lindt balls!!).

Supplements.  My PT recomended I take fish oil to help with the impact of all the running on my joints & magnesium as I've been getting a few cramps lately (mainly feet), the magnesium is also supposed to help with nervous tension, so I am hoping it will help me sleep.  And yes, the protein powder at breakfast.  I do take vitamin C when I'm feeling run down or have been around people who are sick.  I haven't had a cold or really been sick in a few years now (touch wood).  I do suffer from hayfever & get a bit sinusy, but that's been the extent of it.

Last weeks dinners were: Monday night - he had lasagna I'd made on the weekend to freeze + Salad, I had pan fried Salmon & salad; Tuesday night - lamb rogan josh - his with Naan bread & rice, mine just the curry; Wednesday night - chicken skewers & salad, plus he had home made sweet potato chips as we were out of spuds; Thursday night -he had left over curry that he was supposed to have eaten for lunch, I had some of the sauce with a small tin of tuna & some snow peas & some of my lunch stash of sweet potato; Friday night - Pasta with chicken, tomato based sauce from the freezer I'd made earlier with sweet potato, snow peas & some sour cream; Saturday night - nachos & fajita's; Sunday night - home made pizza.  And yep, forgot to take pictures.


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