Friday, April 4, 2014

1/2 Marathon Training Week 8

Mon 24/3: Scheduled 5.30am 5.5km Run - didn't do as didn't want to aggravate the ITB.  5.30pm PT - did.

Tues 25/3: 5.30am 5.5km DID unscheduled run

Wed 26/3: 5.30am 6.5km run DID (instead of 8.5km - again, didn't want to agravate the ITB), 6pm Knee & Shoulder Rehab @ Gym + Core (boxing class wasn't on)

Thurs 27/3: Scheduled 5.5km run - didn't do; 5.30pm PT - did

Fri 28/3: rest day Scheduled; 5.30pm Results Class

Sat 29/3: 21.1km Scheduled; 20.17 116.01 mins

Sun 30/3: Rest

This week was all about letting the ITB pain settle down.  I was stressing on whether or not to do the long run on Saturday or not.  In the end I decided to give it a go & just stop if I had any pain.  Thank goodness I didn't!!!  

Misjudged the distance slightly - that happens when someone is dropping you off & picking you up & kind of changes your starting point to suit themselves!!!  I also had to make an unscheduled toilet stop at the beginning of the run.  Again, had I been under my own steam, I'd have stopped off at the loo pre-run.

It was a spectacular morning to be out doing anything really.  I started in the dark running bay side, the water was dead flat, no breeze which I was glad of, as it was pretty cool, admiring the lights of the city, from Port Melbourne around as far as I could see; then rounded the bend towards Willi beach & there were the lights of Geelong on the other side of the bay .  

Then I got to see the most amazing sunrise - apricot peachy coloured clouds on a bright mid blue sky, although sometimes I had to look back over my shoulder to keep admiring it as I was running away from it at times.  As the sky lightened, it turned from that beautiful blue to a paler shade of grey, but I saw 5 hot air balloons hovering in the skyline for half the return journey.  

I get to run through a bit of a wetlands on this route, so there are lots of birds, plus lots of people walking dogs.  I think only 1 walker didn't return my "good morning" & one grumpy cyclist yelled at me to get off the F'n road & almost bowled me over.  I had no choice as the footpath was barricaded off due to works on the footpath & if he had paid any attention he would have noticed the guy in the orange vest escorting me & a kid on his bike onto the road & around the works back onto the footpath.  Rude prick.

I'd convinced Plumbing Boy to let me do another water drop - although he suggested I take 10 bottles & stash them for future runs - EEWWWW.  And managed 10 jelly beans this time which = 20g.  I tried chewing them & it wasn't too bad, but still needed the water to wash them down.  Managed 6 in the km before the water stop, the other 4 before I tossed the water bottle.  

Was completely stoked that I made the distance without knee pain & was buzzing for the rest of the day.  Unfortunately that may (or may not) have had something to do with overindulging in tequila on Saturday night while catching up with my cousins!!!

A bit of a slack week with running, only 3, but if it keeps the ITB in check then I'll take it!!!


Chris H said...

Your running and enthusiasm for it confounds me! I only run if a dog is chasing me! lol

AlleyCat said...

LOL Chris!!! You'll have to get Coco & Teddy to chase you!!!!