Saturday, April 26, 2014

1/2 Marathon Training Week 12 (final)

Tomorrow is race day!!!  

Mon 21/4: 5.5km 27.59 mins 5am; PT 10am

Tues 22/4: PM Shoulder & knee rehab + Core + Stretching

Wed 23/4: 6.5km 36.16mins 5am

Thurs 24/4 : 5.30pm PT

Fri 25/4: 5.5km Tready 8.30am

Sat: 26/4: Rest

Sun: 1/2 Marathon!

Training is done.  Gear laid out ready to go.  Bags packed for a week off afterwards.  

PT Monday was a cardio circuit session as the group fitness room as available due to the public holiday & fairly hard!   Managed to smash my little toe on the coffee table Monday night - oops.  There was blood.  Was a little difficult getting my shoe on Tuesday morning.  How bloody embarrassing would it have been to have to pull out of an event due to a broken toe due to lack of co-ordination!!!

Thankfully it settled down & was able to run without pain on Wednesday morning.  I banned myself from walking around in bare feet for the rest of the week & decided Friday's run should be on the treadmill - less danger of injury plus softer on my legs LOL!!!

Thursday nights PT session was light in terms of weights but intense as far as cardio goes with some boxing & nible foot work on a "ladder" on the floor of the gym.  Loved it.  Mike made me cool down significantly on completion - left to my own devices I tend to overdo it.  Mike growls at me about only having two speeds.  Flat out & stop.  I'm generally not good at cool downs.

Friday's run was on the tready - had a nice sleep in then went to gym.  Easy on the legs & less opportunity to trip over or anything!!!

Have felt anxious on & off most of the week - not sure if it is due to the impending 1/2 marathon or the marathon training that will follow!!!  Yes, I am a bit of a goose I know.  Not much more I can do now.  I have done the training.  I've run the distance 4 times now (once before the first half, the event & twice before this event) so I KNOW I can make it.  Just need to keep calm.  I have no idea how many people will be running & how congested the course will be & of course the weather.  Both of which may effect my time.  

Yesterday & today have been better & I've slept well.  I'll sign off now.  Wish me luck.  I'll put something up on FB on the day & will post something here as soon as I can.


Carol said...

Good luck to you! You will nail it.

Carol /

Emile Buttocks said...

So you haven't updated here yet, but you did on Facebook. You rocked it! Congratulations!

I need one of those T-shirts that you posted at the bottom.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Carol!!!! You did great too!!!

Thanks Emile :-) yeah loved that pic!!!