Thursday, April 24, 2014

1/2 Marathon Training Week 11

Almost there - 1 more week to go.  

Mon 14/4: 5.5km 27.58mins 5am; 5.30pm PT

Tues 15/4: PM shoulder & knee rehab exercises + Core + Stretching

Wed 16/4: 8.5km 48.07mins 5am

Thurs 17/4: 5.5km 29.34mins 5am; 5.30pm PT

Fri 18/4: Rest

Sat 19/4: 15.5kms 90 mins 11 sec

Sun 20/4: Rest

Took this week pretty easy with the running speed wise. Tried to keep it slow & easy.  Last long run done.  PT Monday night was killer - last heavy session before the 1/2 marathon saw me squatting with 52.5kgs on my shoulders (worked my way up from 40kgs this week).  You will notice I didn't do anything Wednesday night.  The DOMS set in Wednesday & I was walking around like a little old lady groaning every time I had to sit down or stand up, or walk up or down stairs LOL!!!  

We spent the whole session on squats.  Ouch.  The week before I'd felt a bit bruised on the back of my neck/shoulders from where the bar was sitting.  I explained this to Mike after he requested some feed back from the previous week.  He laughed & told me I could either "man up & grow some traps, or he could fetch me some padding".  Yup.  Padding it was.

Thursday night PT was cardio - a combination of boxing, medicine ball slams & something else which I've forgotten.

Easter came & went, took it pretty easy & didn't eat any more chocolate than I would in a normal week.  Spent a fair amount of time watching movies & catching up on household chores in preparation for my week away after the 1/2.  And of course watching the footy Monday afternoon!!!

Yup, my team won which puts us undefeated on the top of the ladder!  Go Cats!!!!!!


Matilda Iglesias said...

Found your blog because I follow Carol at finding-carol.

Are you doing the Geelong Half Marathon too? Is it your first?
Either way good luck.
It's a great course. I did it last year, and totally loved it. It has to be one of my most memorable runs.
I blog over at so feel free to pop over if you like.
Now I will go check out the rest of your blog.

Chris H said...

Your looking great Chick!
I can't believe you do squats with that weight on your shoulders!!! I am sure you do need padding, you are so slight yourself.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Matilda!! it's my second 1/2 - did my first last year at the melb marathon. will be checking out your blog shortly!!!

Thanks Chris - LOL!!!!