Monday, April 14, 2014

1/2 Marathon Training Week 10

Mon 7/4: 5am 5.5kms 27.28 mins + 5.30pm PT

Tues 8/4: 6pm Shoulder & knee rehab + Core & Stretching

Wed 9/4: 5am 8kms 47.43 mins+ 5.45pm (scheduled Boxing Class & Stretching - didn't do)

Thurs 10/4: 5am 5.5kms (didn't do) + 5.30pm PT

Fri 11/4: 5.5km speed session on Treadmill @ Gym (had scheduled a rest day)

Sat 12/4: am 18kms (did 17.68kms 1hr 41mins) + 5kms Electric Run

Sun 13/4: Rest

Legs felt great after wearing the skins all day Saturday & sleeping in them Saturday night, but I needed them again Monday night!!  Mike decided it was time to weight my squats after we've been working on my technique for a while.  I swear, doing a squat properly is hard work!!  25 minutes & 70 odd squats later I was pressing 45kgs & was informed I would have a sore bum today.  I knew it would be true when walking up the stairs to get home was already killer.  Bless those skins though & it wasn't any where near as bad as it would have been I suspect without them!!

Nearly everything else went to schedule except after bragging I hadn't had a cold for 3 years, guess what.  Yep, ended up with a bit of a head cold.  Woke up with a sore throat Tuesday morning & felt a bit flat.  Still went to Gym Tuesday night to find Mike rugged up like a snowman telling me how awful he was feeling.  Thanks mate, that explains my sore throat.  Didn't feel too bad Wednesday morning so got up & did my run in the rain, then it went downhill from there with Plumbing Boy scolding me for running in the rain in the first place!!!

Skipped boxing class Wednesday night for an early night & slept in Thursday morning rescheduling that run for Friday morning, but it was raining again so did it on the treadmill Friday night.  Tried a speed session warming up for 1km medium pace, running hard for 400m then jogging for 200m, repeat til I reached 5.5kms.  Felt pretty good & didn't blow up the treadmill :-)

Saturday morning's run was a bit of a struggle.  I didn't do a water drop as it was shorter run & didn't worry about fuel either.  I did stop at 2 x drinking fountains for a drink though.  I have this thing in my head that it is not cool to stop - must run the whole way otherwise you haven't achieved the goal.  A bit daft I know, but had to talk myself into them.  Wasn't mentally as tough as the week before despite being a bit snotty, but I did want to stop & walk with about 6kms to go.  It must just be that particular spot along the route!!  I did keep reminding myself that I was a bit sick & that it didn't matter how slow I went, just get it done.

Wore the skins again all day as I'd registered myself & my cousin to do the electric run Saturday night.  Not sure it it's worth the money, but was fun to do once!!  Didn't really work up a sweat - we took it pretty easy as my cousin hadn't really trained for it & wasn't completely healthy herself.  We took walk breaks where the congestion was too bad to bother pushing through.  The atmosphere was good & the costumes were amusing.  Unfortunately my cuz has all the photo's.  Later.

Legs held up well & wore the skins to bed as well & woke up Sunday just fine.

My race pack for the half showed up during the week.

I'll be channeling Cam Guthrie, Garry Ablett Jnr & Ken Hinkley, current & previous wearers of the number 19 Guernsey for the Cat's. 

2 weeks to go.............feeling prepared, but a little anxious.  It's one thing to have a time goal for an event & make it public - another thing altogether to nail it on the day.  Wish me luck.


Carol said...

Oh Good Luck !!!!! You are putting in the hard yards for sure. I am just hoping to finish the darn thing! ha. (before they take down the finish sign!!)

Lets just hope for good weather. You got in nice and early with that number.


AlleyCat said...

Thanks Carol!! I'm giving it my best shot :0)

They better bloody leave the finish sign up til you get there!!!! And yes, fingers crossed for good weather!!

I can't believe how low my number is LOL!!!