Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

1/2 Marathon Training Week 12 (final)

Tomorrow is race day!!!  

Mon 21/4: 5.5km 27.59 mins 5am; PT 10am

Tues 22/4: PM Shoulder & knee rehab + Core + Stretching

Wed 23/4: 6.5km 36.16mins 5am

Thurs 24/4 : 5.30pm PT

Fri 25/4: 5.5km Tready 8.30am

Sat: 26/4: Rest

Sun: 1/2 Marathon!

Training is done.  Gear laid out ready to go.  Bags packed for a week off afterwards.  

PT Monday was a cardio circuit session as the group fitness room as available due to the public holiday & fairly hard!   Managed to smash my little toe on the coffee table Monday night - oops.  There was blood.  Was a little difficult getting my shoe on Tuesday morning.  How bloody embarrassing would it have been to have to pull out of an event due to a broken toe due to lack of co-ordination!!!

Thankfully it settled down & was able to run without pain on Wednesday morning.  I banned myself from walking around in bare feet for the rest of the week & decided Friday's run should be on the treadmill - less danger of injury plus softer on my legs LOL!!!

Thursday nights PT session was light in terms of weights but intense as far as cardio goes with some boxing & nible foot work on a "ladder" on the floor of the gym.  Loved it.  Mike made me cool down significantly on completion - left to my own devices I tend to overdo it.  Mike growls at me about only having two speeds.  Flat out & stop.  I'm generally not good at cool downs.

Friday's run was on the tready - had a nice sleep in then went to gym.  Easy on the legs & less opportunity to trip over or anything!!!

Have felt anxious on & off most of the week - not sure if it is due to the impending 1/2 marathon or the marathon training that will follow!!!  Yes, I am a bit of a goose I know.  Not much more I can do now.  I have done the training.  I've run the distance 4 times now (once before the first half, the event & twice before this event) so I KNOW I can make it.  Just need to keep calm.  I have no idea how many people will be running & how congested the course will be & of course the weather.  Both of which may effect my time.  

Yesterday & today have been better & I've slept well.  I'll sign off now.  Wish me luck.  I'll put something up on FB on the day & will post something here as soon as I can.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

1/2 Marathon Training Week 11

Almost there - 1 more week to go.  

Mon 14/4: 5.5km 27.58mins 5am; 5.30pm PT

Tues 15/4: PM shoulder & knee rehab exercises + Core + Stretching

Wed 16/4: 8.5km 48.07mins 5am

Thurs 17/4: 5.5km 29.34mins 5am; 5.30pm PT

Fri 18/4: Rest

Sat 19/4: 15.5kms 90 mins 11 sec

Sun 20/4: Rest

Took this week pretty easy with the running speed wise. Tried to keep it slow & easy.  Last long run done.  PT Monday night was killer - last heavy session before the 1/2 marathon saw me squatting with 52.5kgs on my shoulders (worked my way up from 40kgs this week).  You will notice I didn't do anything Wednesday night.  The DOMS set in Wednesday & I was walking around like a little old lady groaning every time I had to sit down or stand up, or walk up or down stairs LOL!!!  

We spent the whole session on squats.  Ouch.  The week before I'd felt a bit bruised on the back of my neck/shoulders from where the bar was sitting.  I explained this to Mike after he requested some feed back from the previous week.  He laughed & told me I could either "man up & grow some traps, or he could fetch me some padding".  Yup.  Padding it was.

Thursday night PT was cardio - a combination of boxing, medicine ball slams & something else which I've forgotten.

Easter came & went, took it pretty easy & didn't eat any more chocolate than I would in a normal week.  Spent a fair amount of time watching movies & catching up on household chores in preparation for my week away after the 1/2.  And of course watching the footy Monday afternoon!!!

Yup, my team won which puts us undefeated on the top of the ladder!  Go Cats!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Liebster Award

Last week Jeremy from Confessions of an Amateur Athlete kindly nominated me for a Leibster Award. 

So.  What is a Leibster Award you may ask?  It's an award given to bloggers by bloggers.  Basically you nominate fellow up & coming bloggers in order to help them gain more readers & get more exposure.

So thank you Jeremy for the honor, despite me being a very new reader of your blog!!!

  • Thank the blogger who awarded you & link back to their blog
  • Answer the 10 Questions the blogger asked of you
  • Nominate 10 different bloggers
  • Ask 10 different questions to the nominees

Jeremy's questions are:

1. Tell us what your blog is about.
As my profile says, a little bit of this & a little bit of that!  It originally started as a weight loss kind of a blog & has progress more into my running & every day life adventures

2. What made you want to start blogging?
To join in with the community of blogs I was reading!!  I felt guilty reading about their adventures without sharing my own!  Sadly most of those I started out reading are no longer blogging :-(

3. What's your favorite way to stay active?
If you ask my PT he'd say Cardio!!!  But yes, cardio type classes & running are my favorites.  

4. If you could have dinner with ONE person (dead or alive) who would it be & why.
I'm gonna get morbid & say either of the two people I know who took their own lives to ask why.  I don't feel bitter or angry at them, just sad for them & their families & I kind of feel that we knew the why's it would help in whole research & treatment of depression & suicide prevention.

5. Waffles or Pancakes? Favorite topping?
Aaaah couldn't tell you the last time I ate a waffle or a pancake.  I guess I'd choose pancakes with maple syrup (the real stuff not that imitation shite - I have Canadian friends!!) & real vanilla icecream.  

6. One guilty pleasure of yours after a tough workout/run.
Hahahaha doesn't need to be tough.  Lindor Lindt Ball!!

7. What's one fitness activity you haven't tried, or don't do often that you'd like to try?
Have secret thoughts of a triathlon one day.  And have been researching a bicycle!!! And Surfing.  Would love to learn to surf.  In Tropical waters!!!

8. If you could only eat ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
See question 6.

9. Describe your dream vacation.
Tropical Island, crystal clear water, white sand, scuba diving, the hubby & a few good mates/mango daiquiri's, pizza/pasta/food...........

10. Link to your favorite blog post.
I wasn't sure if this meant a blog post I'd written or someone else, so I'm going to list one of each.  My current fave blog post written by someone else is this one about not giving up:

My fave of all my own blog posts is probably the series I wrote on my Grandpa back in 2010

I'm going to change the rules here & only nominate a couple of bloggers:


My questions are:

1. Out of all the social networks in the world, why use a blog?
2. Tell me about a movie/TV show/song/book that changed your life.
3. Name one physical feature about yourself that you like.
4. Where was your favorite place to go when you were a kid?
5. What is your quirkiest habit?
6. Who is your favorite super hero?
7. What is your favorite distance to run?8. What are your current favorite running shoes?
9. Who inspires you the most to run?
10. What is your go-to long pre run meal?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I may just be Crazy

If you've been reading here for a while, you'll know I'm just about to run my 2nd Half Marathon.  The PT who encouraged (pushed) me to do the first one also told me to get thinking about the full marathon when he bid me farewell last year for another job too far from where I work/live to warrant me following him.

I made a deal with myself that if I managed this half without the awful ITB pain I had running the first half marathon, that I'd give a full marathon a go.  This thought has been plaguing me for weeks now as the 2nd half marathon draws closer.  I think this is what has been making me freak out a bit at the 16km ish mark of the last couple of long runs.  That. Big. Bloody. Decision.

In my head I'm going, "you cant even make this distance with out wanting to stop & walk, how do you think you're going to manage a full marathon" etc etc etc.

This morning while out on my regular Wednesday morning run, I decided that if I was going to find the courage to do the marathon, that I really needed a coach to support me.  

When I was training for the first half marathon, Craig (PT) would have me tell him the long run distance I was to be running that weekend prior, & then he'd ask me to text him post run with the exact distance, the time it took & any issues I'd had.  He'd respond with the appropriate 
encouragement, & usually stretching instructions for the rest of the weekend.

Mike my current PT isn't into running & thinks I'm a bit mad, but has been working very hard with me to strengthen my glutes to overcome the ITB pain & my body overall to make me a better runner.  But he's not that interested, that he's invited me to do with him, what I did with Craig.  

The point is, neither of them were/are paid to be my support person outside of the PT sessions & while I do text Mike to complain how sore my legs are, that is mainly for his entertainment!!  Hence me deciding I needed a coach if I was going to commit.  

I utilized Shauna & Julia @ Up & Running to coach me for my first 10km, but decided I really wanted someone local for this distance.  I'd been looking on & off for a while, but nothing I'd read on line inspired me until I revisited Lazy Runner looking for a local referral.  I started reading about Lazy Runner's coaching style & other information on the website & found myself nodding along with a lot of what was there.

Then I read this story about about good self talk/bad self talk made contact with Lazy Runner.  You see, the Dazza character in the story could have been written about me!!  I felt like she'd been rummaging around in my head & taken all my stressed out thoughts about whether I could summon up the courage to even try!!! Who would have thought other people would have the same (paranoid) thoughts as I do (except the concern about the banana shortage)!!!  

As it turns out we have a little in common.  The Melbourne Marathon was her first marathon & she recommends this or the gold coast (I think?) as a good first marathon to start with.  She hails from the western districts of Victoria, as do I & despite the fact that she is based in Qld, she runs running workshops in Melbourne (& Adelaide).

To cut the rest of the story short I signed up not only for the Melbourne Marathon yesterday, I signed up with Lazy Runner to coach me through it.  



I will be doing some fund raising for this event. More details on that & of course training details to follow!!!!  

Wish Me Luck!!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

1/2 Marathon Training Week 10

Mon 7/4: 5am 5.5kms 27.28 mins + 5.30pm PT

Tues 8/4: 6pm Shoulder & knee rehab + Core & Stretching

Wed 9/4: 5am 8kms 47.43 mins+ 5.45pm (scheduled Boxing Class & Stretching - didn't do)

Thurs 10/4: 5am 5.5kms (didn't do) + 5.30pm PT

Fri 11/4: 5.5km speed session on Treadmill @ Gym (had scheduled a rest day)

Sat 12/4: am 18kms (did 17.68kms 1hr 41mins) + 5kms Electric Run

Sun 13/4: Rest

Legs felt great after wearing the skins all day Saturday & sleeping in them Saturday night, but I needed them again Monday night!!  Mike decided it was time to weight my squats after we've been working on my technique for a while.  I swear, doing a squat properly is hard work!!  25 minutes & 70 odd squats later I was pressing 45kgs & was informed I would have a sore bum today.  I knew it would be true when walking up the stairs to get home was already killer.  Bless those skins though & it wasn't any where near as bad as it would have been I suspect without them!!

Nearly everything else went to schedule except after bragging I hadn't had a cold for 3 years, guess what.  Yep, ended up with a bit of a head cold.  Woke up with a sore throat Tuesday morning & felt a bit flat.  Still went to Gym Tuesday night to find Mike rugged up like a snowman telling me how awful he was feeling.  Thanks mate, that explains my sore throat.  Didn't feel too bad Wednesday morning so got up & did my run in the rain, then it went downhill from there with Plumbing Boy scolding me for running in the rain in the first place!!!

Skipped boxing class Wednesday night for an early night & slept in Thursday morning rescheduling that run for Friday morning, but it was raining again so did it on the treadmill Friday night.  Tried a speed session warming up for 1km medium pace, running hard for 400m then jogging for 200m, repeat til I reached 5.5kms.  Felt pretty good & didn't blow up the treadmill :-)

Saturday morning's run was a bit of a struggle.  I didn't do a water drop as it was shorter run & didn't worry about fuel either.  I did stop at 2 x drinking fountains for a drink though.  I have this thing in my head that it is not cool to stop - must run the whole way otherwise you haven't achieved the goal.  A bit daft I know, but had to talk myself into them.  Wasn't mentally as tough as the week before despite being a bit snotty, but I did want to stop & walk with about 6kms to go.  It must just be that particular spot along the route!!  I did keep reminding myself that I was a bit sick & that it didn't matter how slow I went, just get it done.

Wore the skins again all day as I'd registered myself & my cousin to do the electric run Saturday night.  Not sure it it's worth the money, but was fun to do once!!  Didn't really work up a sweat - we took it pretty easy as my cousin hadn't really trained for it & wasn't completely healthy herself.  We took walk breaks where the congestion was too bad to bother pushing through.  The atmosphere was good & the costumes were amusing.  Unfortunately my cuz has all the photo's.  Later.

Legs held up well & wore the skins to bed as well & woke up Sunday just fine.

My race pack for the half showed up during the week.

I'll be channeling Cam Guthrie, Garry Ablett Jnr & Ken Hinkley, current & previous wearers of the number 19 Guernsey for the Cat's. 

2 weeks to go.............feeling prepared, but a little anxious.  It's one thing to have a time goal for an event & make it public - another thing altogether to nail it on the day.  Wish me luck.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Half Marathon Training Week 9

Mon 31/3: Scheduled 5am 5.5kms (didn't do) & 5.30pm PT DID

Tues 1/4: unscheduled 5.5kms @5am + Knee & shoulder rehab + Core 

Wed 2/4: 5am 8.5kms + 5.45pm Boxing

Thurs 3/4: 5am 5.5kms (didn't do) + 5.30pm PT (totally smashed)

Fri 4/4: Rest - rescheduled the 5.5kms from yesterday DONE

Sat 5/4: 16kms - did 21.3kms 120 mins

Sun 6/4: Rest

This week as all about recovering from lasts weeks long run & keeping up the shorter training runs.  Recovery went well, but the training runs not so well.  Missed Monday, but made it up Tuesday, missed Thursday, intended to make it up Friday morning but slept through the alarm, rescheduled for Friday night.

The rest of the week was spent in a quandary as to what distance to run this Saturday.  My training plan was to alternate between 21 & 16 starting week 7, week 8 - 16, this week 21, with next week (week 10) 18kms, week 11 - 13 kms week 12 event.  Because the ITB flared up week 7 the plan is all out of whack.  I could go 16 this week & 21 next week, but I've got the 5km electric run next Saturday night.  Not sure if it's a good idea to do 21 + 5 in one day!!!  

I decided to wait until Saturday morning & run somewhere between 16 & 21kms depending on how I'm felt, although was pretty keen to give the distance another crack.

PT on Thursday night was killer!!!  Another PT was training 2 x girls where we were & I think Mike was feeling a little friendly rivalry with the other PT & absolutely smashed me!!!!  Everything rep was to the max with bugger all rest time between.  He had to help me off the incline bench after completing the session with incline sit ups til failure.  I thought I was going to have to roll off that bench upside down I was that stuffed!!!

Friday nights catch up run was on the treadmill followed by lots of stretching.  I could barely manage any core work due to still being so sore from Thursday's PT session.

Saturday morning Plumbing Boy decided he wanted to go for a run early & took my car.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike sharing a car???  Instead of leaving home at 6.30am as planned, I left at 7.30am as he didn't get back until then.  By the time I got to the start point, it was 8am.  The sky was very grey & I suspected it might rain.  

remembered to take some photo's today - here is a massive container ship that cruised past as I was getting organised in the car park..

Opted for a long sleeve top which I thought I was going to have to strip off at one point & just run in a crop as I was too hot!!!  The breeze picked up & eventually I had to roll my sleeves back down to keep warm.  I suspect as the top was so wet with sweat it was making me cooler than I would have been had I been wearing a short sleeve top!

as the clouds came over it was very grey

The rain held off & the run was pretty uneventful until the 16km mark when I mentally wanted to stop.  I don't think I've ever found it so difficult to complete a run.  I had to use every ounce of cunning to talk myself into continuing!!  

My breathing was out of control & it took a while to calm that down.  My old PT Craig used to say to me "control your breathing & you control everything else".  I used that as a bit of a mantra & ended up counting my breath in & out for every single step/breath of the last 6kms to get through.

I also used his mantra of "just get it done" & some positive reinforcement from Mike "head up Cat" & "I'm proud of you - you should be proud of you".  Damn it was hard.  But.  I did it & got the time too.  It will be touch & go on the day as there will be people to dodge, I don't know the course & water stations to use (& navigate) among other factors as to whether I can formally crack the 2 hours.

I was soooooooooo glad to make it back to the car.  I think I counted to 1000 twice or was it 5 times over that last 6kms!!!  A few stretches then it was off to get a well deserved coffee!

I really love running bayside - as you can see in the pic's I get to run past a couple of yacht clubs & a marina.  Plus there are serious shipwrights & commercial repairs done as you can see by the big boat in the picture above the coffee shop.  No pic's of the wetlands & birds - I have my phone strapped to the small of my back while running & it's a drag to get out while running if I don't want to break my stride.

Again I did the water drop & practiced eating jelly beans. I did spend the last 6kms thinking I'm delusional if I think I could attempt the next distance (don't want to say it out loud as it still terrifies me - just remove the half from the training I'm doing now & you will know what I'm on about).

My legs were really sore after last weeks long run so this week I had the bright idea to wear my skins under my jeans for the rest of Saturday/Saturday night & even slept in them & was very happy to feel like I had normal legs on Sunday!!!

Had a date with Cinders at the Footy Saturday night (Tully - we missed you!!), sorry, no pic's, but had a good time cheering our respective teams.  Was a bit of a scrappy game, but pretty close with my team victorious in the end.  This expedition included 30 minute walks at either end getting to public transport & then from PT to the MCG, so was ready for a complete rest day on Sunday.

Bring on week 10. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Eating for 1/2 Marathon Training

I've been asked recently what I need to eat to train for a half marathon.  The answer for me is nothing different to what I usually eat.  I've been pretty much eating the same things for the past 12 months now & have maintained my weight (after the initial 6kg loss).  

Although since we bought the Thermomix for Christmas, breakfast has been pretty much smoothies all the way!!!  As the weather turns colder we'll revert back to porridge - need the warmth!!!

In case you are interested, here is a week in my life of eating (& training)!!!

Running Mornings: 4.45am: alarm goes off.  When I remember or if thirsty, a chug or two of water.

5am: out the door for a run usually 3 days 

Non Running Mornings: 5.30am: alarm goes off.

by 6am: in the shower & chugging down between 500mls & 1 litre of water

by 6.30am: Breakfast:

1 scoop Chocolate flavored protein, 1/2 a banana, 50g frozen raspberries, 1/2 cup fat free greek yogurt, about the same of low fat milk (usually Plumbing boy has this too so the quantities are doubled).  I don't actually measure the yogurt or the milk, could be a little more, or less.

7.30am: Cup of tea with milk, no sugar, in my new fangtasia mug (thanks Miss K)

8.30am: Coffee with half a cup of low fat milk, the other half water, no sugar.

10am: 1 x hard boiled egg seasoned with a little salt & some cracked black pepper.  I like mine on the gooey side.

12pm: Lunches

Split in 2 - big handful of spinach & rocket; 1 medium chicken breast; 3 decent slices of sweet potato, steamed brocolini, steamed beetroot, 1 x decent tablespoon hummus for each bowl, drizzle hot chili sauce for each bowl, 1/2 handful of nuts (in second lunch as they live by my desk); 1st lunch + 1 Lindt ball & a cup of tea

3.30pm - 4pm: 2nd Lunch (or pre training snack).  I used to eat the both lunches for lunch (less half the homus & chili sauce) & just a handful of nuts for afternoon tea sometimes with a banana on the way to gym.  I'm finding this works much better.  I used to feel sickly full after lunch & lacked energy later in the day.  Now I'm hungry by 3 - 3.30pm & have more energy for gym.

5.15pm: on the treadmill warming up on PT & gym nights

5.30pm: PT 30 mins Mon & Thurs, OR own training Tues, Boxing Class Wed, sometimes own training or a class on  Friday.

7.30pm - 8pm: Dinner - usually protein of some sort & veg or salad.  + 1 Lindt ball

Veg - steamed brocoli, cauli, brocolini, beetroot, roasted pumpkin, sweet potato (& potato for him), green beans, snow peas are all regulars.  Salad - spinach & rocket, snow peas, asparagus, tomato, spanish onion, avocado, steamed beetroot, steamed brocolini & fetta cheese are all regulars.

Sometimes after gym I am super starving & might have 2 or 3 rice crackers with hummus to tide me over while I cook dinner.  If dinner is going to be more than an hour after training & Mike has yelled at me on the way out of gym "EAT SOME PROTEIN NOW CAT" I might have a small power bar & scale down the protein in my dinner.  Or I might eat a tin of salmon or tuna when I walk in the door & skip the protein I was planning to have with dinner & just eat the veg/salad.  I tend to eat my dinner in the same bowl as I use for lunch to help with portion control.  I like food & pretty much always eat everything served up.  Better I serve up less......

Water - I sip on it all day & usually drink between 3 - 4 litres per day.

The above is a typical week day for me.  

Friday nights we often have pasta especially while if I'm doing long runs Saturday mornings.  I usually cook 150 grams for both of us, Plumbing Boy has around 100 grams & me the rest.  I really struggle with the protein with pasta as I'm a fan of Matriciana style, so have been playing around with adding chicken, less of the tomato sauce & some sour cream to make it less tomatoey.  I'm just not a fan of chicken & tomato together!!!

Saturday night we are often at friends, having friends over or out for dinner.  Generally I'd choose a steak if out.  If at friends I eat what ever is going & of course if cooking I make it balanced in my favour!

Sunday night is pizza night & I make my own base (flour, water, yeast).  I struggle again here with protein as we usually have hot salami, roasted pumpkin & eggplant with olives & pineapple, some times prawns, plus anchovies & chili flakes for me.  Mega salt hit.  Did anyone say fluid retention on Monday morning??  I've had to reduce the size of my pizza as I'm prone to eating everything in front of me & the thought of messing up my week day eating by leaving some for the next day doesn't help me to just STOP eating it!!

I do prep all my food on the weekend - this means steaming the veg, baking the chicken & sweet potato & hard boiling my eggs.  I've been known to freeze the chicken & sweet potato in advance when I know I'll be away on or time poor on a weekend.  This makes sure I always have something I like that has a nutritional value to eat!!  

I also make up big batches of lamb curry, bolognaise  sauce (I have mine on salad or steamed veg + Parmesan) & matriciana sauce to freeze, so this means 2 week nights at least I don't actually have to cook, just reheat.  Works well on nights I'm home late.

BTW I am NOT a nutritionist, & you should consider your own health requirements when meal planning.  I'm trying to eat in a balanced way that minimizes processed food, refined carbs & sugar (with the exception of my Lindt balls!!).

Supplements.  My PT recomended I take fish oil to help with the impact of all the running on my joints & magnesium as I've been getting a few cramps lately (mainly feet), the magnesium is also supposed to help with nervous tension, so I am hoping it will help me sleep.  And yes, the protein powder at breakfast.  I do take vitamin C when I'm feeling run down or have been around people who are sick.  I haven't had a cold or really been sick in a few years now (touch wood).  I do suffer from hayfever & get a bit sinusy, but that's been the extent of it.

Last weeks dinners were: Monday night - he had lasagna I'd made on the weekend to freeze + Salad, I had pan fried Salmon & salad; Tuesday night - lamb rogan josh - his with Naan bread & rice, mine just the curry; Wednesday night - chicken skewers & salad, plus he had home made sweet potato chips as we were out of spuds; Thursday night -he had left over curry that he was supposed to have eaten for lunch, I had some of the sauce with a small tin of tuna & some snow peas & some of my lunch stash of sweet potato; Friday night - Pasta with chicken, tomato based sauce from the freezer I'd made earlier with sweet potato, snow peas & some sour cream; Saturday night - nachos & fajita's; Sunday night - home made pizza.  And yep, forgot to take pictures.

Friday, April 4, 2014

1/2 Marathon Training Week 8

Mon 24/3: Scheduled 5.30am 5.5km Run - didn't do as didn't want to aggravate the ITB.  5.30pm PT - did.

Tues 25/3: 5.30am 5.5km DID unscheduled run

Wed 26/3: 5.30am 6.5km run DID (instead of 8.5km - again, didn't want to agravate the ITB), 6pm Knee & Shoulder Rehab @ Gym + Core (boxing class wasn't on)

Thurs 27/3: Scheduled 5.5km run - didn't do; 5.30pm PT - did

Fri 28/3: rest day Scheduled; 5.30pm Results Class

Sat 29/3: 21.1km Scheduled; 20.17 116.01 mins

Sun 30/3: Rest

This week was all about letting the ITB pain settle down.  I was stressing on whether or not to do the long run on Saturday or not.  In the end I decided to give it a go & just stop if I had any pain.  Thank goodness I didn't!!!  

Misjudged the distance slightly - that happens when someone is dropping you off & picking you up & kind of changes your starting point to suit themselves!!!  I also had to make an unscheduled toilet stop at the beginning of the run.  Again, had I been under my own steam, I'd have stopped off at the loo pre-run.

It was a spectacular morning to be out doing anything really.  I started in the dark running bay side, the water was dead flat, no breeze which I was glad of, as it was pretty cool, admiring the lights of the city, from Port Melbourne around as far as I could see; then rounded the bend towards Willi beach & there were the lights of Geelong on the other side of the bay .  

Then I got to see the most amazing sunrise - apricot peachy coloured clouds on a bright mid blue sky, although sometimes I had to look back over my shoulder to keep admiring it as I was running away from it at times.  As the sky lightened, it turned from that beautiful blue to a paler shade of grey, but I saw 5 hot air balloons hovering in the skyline for half the return journey.  

I get to run through a bit of a wetlands on this route, so there are lots of birds, plus lots of people walking dogs.  I think only 1 walker didn't return my "good morning" & one grumpy cyclist yelled at me to get off the F'n road & almost bowled me over.  I had no choice as the footpath was barricaded off due to works on the footpath & if he had paid any attention he would have noticed the guy in the orange vest escorting me & a kid on his bike onto the road & around the works back onto the footpath.  Rude prick.

I'd convinced Plumbing Boy to let me do another water drop - although he suggested I take 10 bottles & stash them for future runs - EEWWWW.  And managed 10 jelly beans this time which = 20g.  I tried chewing them & it wasn't too bad, but still needed the water to wash them down.  Managed 6 in the km before the water stop, the other 4 before I tossed the water bottle.  

Was completely stoked that I made the distance without knee pain & was buzzing for the rest of the day.  Unfortunately that may (or may not) have had something to do with overindulging in tequila on Saturday night while catching up with my cousins!!!

A bit of a slack week with running, only 3, but if it keeps the ITB in check then I'll take it!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014