Monday, March 17, 2014

Deaf Kitty

So.  My cat has gone pretty much completely deaf.  She can hear a shrill whistle, but that's about it.  It happened while we were in Tasmania I think.  There was something not right when I collected her from the cattery.  Normally she is beautifully groomed as she has nothing better to do with her time than bathe herself.

She was scruffy & had lost weight; she was skittish, but that is fairly normal.  She woke us up every hour on the hour I think the first night home; this reduced over the next couple of nights as it normally would, but she was still skittish.  By Wednesday it dawned on me that she must either not be able to see or hear properly, so did a test with the vacuum cleaner.  She usually hates it.  I had it right up to her face.  with no sign of her moving whatsoever.

Then we snuck up on her while she was sleeping & did a few loud claps over her head - no response, tried calling her & making other noises.  The only thing that got a response was if she could feel the vibration of us coming or a shrill whistle.

Took her to see the vet who confirmed her deafness & said its is quite common in older cats.  The main thing is to make sure she doesn't go outside as she could get a fright from something & bolt on to the road then get run over not hearing a car come.

She's not been brave enough to venture out much anyway since, & usually only when I'm with her (although she has managed to nick out on Plumbing Boy twice - I found her waiting for me hiding by the roller door when arriving home!).  I've moved her pillow in the office so she can see me all the time.  And now that we all know what the problem is, we're making the effort not to sneak up on her unexpectedly & give her a fright. 

Despite my initial sadness for her, she seems to be coping quite well & is actually friendlier if anything, enjoying more snuggles.  She seems to have decided its nicer to sleep ON me than the end of the bed & every second night will wake me up by climbing onto my chest or belly wanting a rub before settling down & going back to sleep.  Bless.  My bladder isn't that happy about it though!!

Other than that, Dr Murray was pretty happy with the scruffy bizta he first met 15ish years ago after Plumbing Boy rescued her from an industrial work site where she was about to have her neck wrung.  I recon she's got a few good years left in her yet thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!!  Love that little furball!!!!!!


C said...

Poor kitty. :(

I am glad she is coping well and getting lots and lots of snuggles from you and PB. You are a good cat mummy.


Emile Buttocks said...

She looks so much like my Mrs old cat who died about 2 years ago. She was fairly deaf near the end, but not totally. I had a friend once whose old cat went totally deaf. She'd be sitting at the end of my driveway and I'd be hauling the old metal trash cans to the curb. She didn't hear me coming, which was a pretty strong indicator of her deafness. Then suddenly she'd spot me out of the corner of her eye and leap out of her skin. That was the first time I'd ever seen a cat go deaf before.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Clarissa!!! I'm still talking to her even when she cant see me LOL!!!

Emile - yeah, we kept scaring the Bejesus out of her til we realized. Now instead of sneaking up behind her, we come from the side to give her peripheral vision a chance to spot us & try to be a little heavier footed so she can feel us coming!!!

My Vet recons she looks like his dear old moggy too!!!

Chris H said...

I didn't know cat could go deaf with age. Your cat doesn't look that old. Sorry for your bladder. lol

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Thats sad... No chance of it just being an ear infection??

Oh and Hi Clarissa!!!!! Hope you are well :)

AlleyCat said...

Unfortunately she's still deaf so don't think so :0(