Thursday, March 27, 2014

1/2 Marathon Training Week 7

Mon 17/3: (5.5km am + PT PM Scheduled) - Did: Nothing

Tues 18/3: (Knee & Shoulder Rehab Scheduled); DID 35mins treadmill incline power walk + 6pm PT

Wed 19/3: Did: 8km 46.30 mins (+ scheduled boxing class - didn't do, had physio)

Thurs 20/3: 5.5km scheduled 5am - Did (instead) did 2 sets of Tabata Abs & 2 sets of Tabata skipping rope + scheduled 5.30pm PT

Fri 21/3: rest scheduled, Did 8kms 45mins 24 secs.

Sat 22/3: 21.1kms scheduled; Did 16kms + 3km walk + 2km taxi ride

Sun 23/3: rest scheduled; Did: Body Balance Class

Woke up Monday morning after horse riding Sunday with a very stiff neck.  Couldn't look over my left shoulder at all.  Needless to say no run for me that morning.

Managed to get into see my Physio that morning, who did some trigger point release, gave it a bit of a massaged, iced me while on the TENS machine, then manipulated just like the Chiropractor used to.  Instructed me to keep up the ice & come back on Wednesday.

Still pretty stiff Tuesday morning, but was feeling up to PT as my lovely PT was able to swap nights for me.  Had a decent warm up on the tready, & after a hard but careful session I actually felt heaps better & like my neck had freed up!!  Hallelujah!!!!

Smashed out 8kms Wednesday morning feeling pretty good, then back to Physio after work for more of the same.  Biceps tendinitis given the all clear, just need to take things slowly & build up the push ups & anything with a wide grip.

Got up Thursday morning planning to do another 8km as the week's plan was out the window, but someone one had driven off with my keys so couldn't leave. 

I'd downloaded a Tabata timer after doing a fair bit of this lately in PT (usually cycling or ABS) & did some core stuff & then some skipping.  Man that is a hard work out.  If you think you are fit, try skipping & then get back to me!!!  Started back on some triceps stuff at PT that night - left one is woefully weak.  Surprisingly I was able to lift my pen the next day, but they were bloody sore!!!

Friday finally went to revised schedule & the 8km was good.

Saturday it all went to shit again.  Sort of.  I was all set to run the distance (21.1kms) & even did a water drop at the half way point + purchased jelly beans as a food source (more on that later) & set off from my usual spot in Newport @ 6.30am.  Made it to the half way point without incident & was feeling good.  Grabbed the water bottle out of the bushes & gulped some down.  Wrangled the 5 jelly beans I'd stashed in my shirts rear zipper & swallowed them down whole in 2 batches all while still running.

The water sloshing about in the bottle was annoying me so I tipped half of it out & resolved to throw it in the next bin I saw, which ended up being about 1km away.  Chugged a bit more of the water before binning & continued on my way.  Around 15kms I felt a niggle in my right knee, similar to the ITB pain I'd had previously.  It kind of came & went a bit over the next km before getting worse, then in knife like stabbing waves which was when I decided to call it quits.

The actual run is still 5 weeks away & I didn't want to make things worse unnecessarily, by being stubborn & wanting to make an arbitrary distance. This also meant I now had to walk the last 5kms back to my car.  Boo.  By 3kms I was actually quite cold & thankfully I spotted a Yellow Cab who drove me back to my car.  He was the loveliest cabbie ever & wouldn't take any money from me for the trip, laughing he said to me "see, there are still some good cabbies out there"!!!!  So a huge huge thank you to YOU Mr Yellow Cabbie!!!

While walking I'd sent a text to the acupuncturist I've been seeing for the ITB who was able to fit me in that afternoon, so after going home & defrosting I headed into the city to see him.  As I explained I couldn't understand why it had flared up after a light week & when I'd been running longer distances without issue.  The only thing I'd done differently was horse riding so I was blaming it on that!!!

I lay down & he checked me over for around 10 seconds before saying, "well look at that.  who set up your saddle? your left leg is 1.5" longer than your right.  your pelvis is out".  And how do we fix that says I.  Like magic, says he.

Apparently all practitioners were previously taught how to physically manipulate this kind of thing, but now it is strictly the domain of chiropractors, so needles to release tension here & there & tighten up here & there is the technique used by acupuncturists (am sure it's a lot more technical that that, but that's what I understood it to be on a basic level).

I'm hoping it's like magic - walking downstairs on the way to acupuncture was killer.  On the way home walking downstairs was just a bare niggle. Fingers crossed this will not as bigger set back as the last bout of ITB.

Sunday was supposed to be a rest day, but went & did a body balance class.  Figured I could use the stretching.

Still feeling frustrated with the ITB issue, but am glad I set up a training plan that has allowed me to deal with this now instead of the 2 weeks prior to the event.  If I can maintain my fitness & don't actually run further than 16kms I'll be fine to run the event.  So long as that pain does not return!!!!!  Lets hope week 8 is better!!!


Emile Buttocks said...

Wow, look at you! You have become an expert on all sorts of athletic matters, far moreso than I am. From now on when my knee is hurting or I can't recover from something I'm just coming to you to find out what I should do.

AlleyCat said...

LOL that's only because I keep hurting myself!!!!!