Monday, March 3, 2014

1/2 Marathon Training Update

I'm pretty sure I mentioned I've signed up for another 1/2 marathon in Geelong April 27th.  The ITB pain has settled down a lot..........I ran 17.5kms on Saturday morning without any.  Specific ITB knee pain that is.  My legs were getting sore over the last couple of kms, but that's normal.

I've been seeing a lovely acupuncturist in the city who specializes in sports acupuncture who has been not only treating me but encouraging me in my running endeavors (kind of reassuring me I can do it LOL!).  He also does some cupping down the ITB band which as it's loosened off, has given me less spectacular bruises than I was getting in the beginning!

This kind of looks like what I have done, but with less needles along the ITB area.  And my cupping bruises don't come out this bad any more (although they looked exactly like this in the beginning!).

I'm starting week 5 of 12 of the training program for this event.  I've allowed plenty of time to build up to the distance - I've got 19kms scheduled for this weekend so am almost @ distance, at the halfway point.  

I'll back off to 16kms the following weekend & then the full 21.1km distance the following weekend.  I'll continue then to alternate each week between the 16kms & the 21.1kms until weeks 11 & 12 where I'll taper off before the actual event. 

I'm chasing a sub 2 hour time although this week's pace would had seen me finish in 2 hours 5 minutes.  The previous weeks I was running an estimated finish time of 1hr 58 minute pace  at 16.5 & 14.5kms respectively.  Reality is I may not make the time, but so long as it is better than 2 hours 7 minutes whatever seconds I did last time I'll be happy.

Last weeks training was this:

Monday: 6.5km run @ 5am + PT @ 5.30pm

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 7kms 5am + Shoulder & Knee rehab exercises @ gym with some core work & lots of stretching (PM) 

Thurs: 5.5km run on treadmill @ 5.45pm (PT stood me up so missed out on my usual session - had planned on doing the run after PT) + Body Balance Class

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 17.5kms

Sunday: Rest

Biceps tendinitis is a lot better, I still need to continue with the shoulder rehab exercises to strengthen it in order to stabilize it so it is protected when doing movement that would aggravate it.  Did a heavy (ish) chest/back/shoulder session last Monday night @ PT & it ached all night (was so sore I even iced it) & was stressed that I'd made it worse, but the next morning it was OK & after 2 days wasn't aching at all.  So I still need to be very careful about what I do & how much.  The biggest problem is it generally doesn't hurt while I'm doing the activity, it's afterwards so really hard to gauge when is enough of something!!

Anyhoo.  I'm pretty happy with how my training is going, the only thing I need to reign in now is the weekend festivities.  Since the week before we went on holidays, while we were away on holidays & the first 2 weeks we got back from holidays I'd gotten into a bad routine of a glass (or 2) of wine every night with dinner (Christmas Hangover??), but cut that out last week & am committed to continue this for the foreseeable future!  Probably til the end of this training program anyway!!

So.  What are you lot all all up to training/exercise wise?? HIT ME!!!


Memphis Steve said...

I have not exercised in awhile. Unless you count cutting down trees, hauling them on my shoulders out of the woods and throwing them into a big pile as exercise. But that is all.

I love that glass bottle topper. They used those on the last episode of Cougar Town. It was the first I'd seen them.

AlleyCat said...

Shall I start calling you Chuck the lumberjack????

Memphis Steve said...

You can if iy makes you happy. :-) I need to buy a chainsaw soon. It'd make life so much easier.

Carol said...

I've been having a lovely time reading your blog, after you stopped in at mine. Fun to have another blog on my feedly to read. Your training is amazing. I'm so underprepared for this half marathon. It's my first, and I'm resigned to the fact it will be a walk/run/walk and that's okay. I wanted to do a half before I was 50 and to do it in my old home town is just the way it's panned out. Okay, well keep up the fantastic work, you are inspiring.


AlleyCat said...

Thanks Carol - & ditto - nice to have another blog to read!!!.

I had bad ITB trouble towards the end of my 1st 1/2 marathon so needed to go long early in case it flared up again - plan to go long then short alternating to give me better recovery time (in theory anyway!!!). I think you are doing great, the fact that you are giving it a crack is totally awesome in my opinion anyway!!!!

But thank you for your kind words :0)