Friday, March 21, 2014

1/2 Marathon Training Plan Week 6

Mon 10/3: 10am 2 hour walk on the beach @ Port Fairy; 5.30pm 30 minute PT Session

Tues 11/3: 5.30pm 5.5kms treadmill hills level 7, knee rehab (forgot theraband for shoulder rehab), core & stretching

Wed 12/3: 5am 7.5kms 44.42 mins; 5.45pm Boxing Class

Thurs 11/3: 5am 5.5kms 27.24mins; 5.30pm 30 min PT Session

Fri 12/3: Rest

Sat 13/3: 16kms (scheduled) 11.7kms, 68 mins

Sun 14/3: 3 hours horse riding with cuz

Had another crack at boxing on Wednesday night, the same girl was happy to partner me so I guess I wasn't too lame the week before.  My PT Mike joined in the class.  There were enough people so he didn't actually have to do the class & partner someone, but he cruised around encouraging people, helping them with their technique, & most importantly giving me shit in attempt to rev me up to work harder & tips to correct my form LOL!

Both PT sessions were killer.  Monday night we had the aerobic's room (public holiday - no group classes), so Mike had set up a circuit for me.  I was slightly hung over & a little tired from the weekend at Port Fairy, plus I drove back (missed out on that nap!) as Plumbing Boy thought he was coming down with Man Flu.  I got absolutely flogged!!!  In a good way!!!  Although in the beginning I wasn't sure lunch was going to stay down!!!  It was almost spew worthy.

The Thursday night he continued said flogging having me "swish" ropes (I dunno how else to explain), lug a truck tyre up & down the gym while standing inside it, doing 5 squats at the beginning middle & end of each set followed by 10 (assisted) pull ups.  Insert as many swear words as you like here.  It was the hardest session I think I've ever done!!  My poor arms & hands were broken!!

Long run just didn't happen.  We'd been out late the night before, although I only had 2 glasses of wine, I was SO DEAD TIRED I didn't get up til 10.30am, & that was only because someone called & spoke to me for 40 minutes otherwise I would rolled over & going back to sleep.  I was like groggy & disoriented - that kind of dead tired.    

Usually when I am struggling for motivation I channel my old PT, whose response to any query about whether or not to train would be "don't think about it, just get it done Cat".  
At the gig the night before, the guy we went to see (Glen Hansard) had been touring with Eddie Vedder & Bruce Springsteen.  Did I nearly wet my pants with excitement thinking Eddie Vedder was going to join him on stage or what???????????????  Had I realized they were doing gigs together I so would have gone!!!  

I was very sad when Glen Hansard mentioned that Eddie had finally gone home.  Anyhoo.  Glen & Eddie apparently were channeling Bruce on tour, with a catch cry of - "what would Bruce do?" in any given situation - although I think it was used more for whether or not to have another beer or slice of pizza!!!  Anyhoo.  I looked at Plumbing Boy (still looking dead on my feet) & said "hmmmmmmm what would Bruce do?".

wrong Bruce, but you get the idea

So yeah, between my old PT & Bruce I convinced myself to throw on my gear & go for a run.  I knew I probably wasn't going to reach the 16km target scheduled, but figured if I could manage 10kms that would be better than nothing.  Yes, I did chug some water have my usual pre long run food prior, but still felt bloody ordinary.  Ran a route I knew to be more than 10kms but definitely less than 14kms - couldn't quite remember the distance to be honest & dragged myself around.  Pace wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but not that great either.

Sunday I took my cousin horse riding as a belated birthday present.  My trusty steed was not Little Spike (she took me for my birthday last year) but a horse called Roughie, who apparently had a reputation of kicking horses who rode up his arse & he also had a distinct dislike for 2 other horses on the ride.  Unfortunately one of the other horses was ridden by an instructor in our group which made things interesting as we had to go past him every time we went for a canter.  It may not have been the horse, it could have been the rider or the fact that he was in an orange vest, but every time he opened his mouth (which was frequently) Roughie laid his ears back & got a little cranky.

Ironically one of the regulars told me she had a word with him as I think he thought I was a shite rider, but the regular had been chatting to me & had noticed what was going on & said to him I think it's you, your vest or your horse, because if you pay a bit more attention you'll notice Roughie is fine until he gets within about 5 metres of so of you so perhaps you could try not bellowing when it's Roughie's turn for a canter.

My cousin had a great horse Maxie this time so all was well as it was her birthday ride so better that she had good a good experience.  Last time her horse wasn't the greatest. While I had a good time, I've had better ride experiences.  My inner thighs not surprisingly were sore later that day & more so on Monday, but worse than that I woke up with a neck so stiff Monday morning I couldn't turn my head very far to the left & had to rotate my torso to look while driving.  Luckily the Physio saw me Monday morning, but I fear week 7's training will be a bit up shit creek.

Week six training overall was OK, but not great.  

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