Friday, March 14, 2014

1/2 Marathon Training Plan Week 5

1/2 Marathon Training Plan Week 5

Monday 3/3: 5am 5.5km 27.33 mins; 5.30PM 30 minute PT session

Tuesday 4/3: 6pm Shoulder & knee rehab @ gym with some core work thrown in & lots of stretching

Wednesday 5/3: 5am 7.5km no watch; 5.45pm Boxing Class

Thursday 6/3: 5am 5.5km 28.51 mins; 5.30pm 30 minute PT Session

Friday 7/3: 18.5kms 102 minutes Rail Trail

Saturday & Sunday: Rest (walking only)

This week I threw in a boxing class on Wednesday night.  I was so nervous!!!  I walked on the treadmill before class for 15 minutes to warm up & felt like I was going to chuck!!!  There are some seriously fit people in that class & I guess like most people(?), I don't like doing things unless I am OK or reasonably good at it!!  Especially activities done in public!!!!  I needn't have worried so much, as it wasn't too bad.  I do a bit of boxing in PT so wasn't so much worried about that, as I was the push ups & finding a partner.  

I paired up with a lovely young lady (early 20's?) who was pretty fit, so we were evenly paced.  She had done the class once before so knew more about what was going on than I.  The push up round was 10 push ups (knees for the "females" as the instructor says) then run to the other end of the gym & do a boxing sequence.  I managed 5 rounds of narrow push ups then had switch to crunches for the next 5 rounds as I didn't want to aggravate my bicep tendinitis.  I was so sore the next day, but it was just general upper body shoulder, chest, back etc from all those little muscles who have been out of action for a while.

Long run was on the way to Port Fairy to the folk festival.  I had Plumbing Boy drop me off at the defunct train station in Koroit along the rail trail that runs between Port Fairy & Warrnambool & ran the rest of the way to Port Fairy!  The rail trail winds along the old railway line amongst farm land.  It was quite flat hence the fast time & I really enjoyed looking at the dairy & beef cows along the way as well as the bird life.  At one place where I had to cross a road, there was a murder of 14 magpies!  They only just bothered to fly up & out of the way as I came upon them.  Friendliest maggies I've met so far!!  

I had a cross wind for the first 2/3rds, but the last third it was head on & increasing.  I was very happy to reach the outskirts of town.  I wasn't so happy that I still had 2kms to go to get to my Aunt & Uncle's house!!!  A big cheer went up as I huffed & pufffed through the back door, as dinner everyone was still seated for dinner (11 family/friends who were down for the folk festival)!!

Stepped it up a bit this week & was really happy with my training.  My knees have been good, but wanted to include some extra stretching, make sure I am doing enough cross training & make sure I do the rehab exercises to strengthen & prevent further injuries!!!

Bring on Week 6.

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