Friday, January 17, 2014

Surf T Surf 10km

I started the new year with a 10km fun run in Warrnambool. I did this same event last year & wish I'd read last years race report before this years run instead of just now!  HERE

I could have had C cheering me up that last bloody hill as I was sooooo close to stopping & walking it.  Last year I was hoping to achieve a PB of under 60 minutes.  This years aim was to crack the 50 minute PB.  There were pacers again this year & I easily spotted Mr 50 minutes as I lined up in the starting chute. 

This year the conditions were not as good.  Weather forecast was for 17, 90% chance of rain, & strong west to northwesterly winds.  None of us were looking forward to it based on Saturday's weather.  Thankfully when we awoke Sunday morning the sun was out & while it was cold, there was only a light breeze.  

This year Sis & partner signed up for the run (Sis did the walk last year).  Tess & here step sister did the 6km run again.  Mum & Dad were both signed up for the walk, but Dad hurt his back that week & was in too much pain to do it, so Mum stayed home with him but they both met up with us for post run coffee/brunch afterwards.

Once again the first 2kms were fairly hard & I found it hard to stick with Mr 50 minutes; but by the 3rd km I'd over taken him & settled into my pace & didn't see him again til the 6.5km mark.

There were plenty of people out cheering us along, although less with hoses due to the cooler conditions.  I did again run at the lovely bloke around the 5km mark just before the short killer hill & cool off under his hose, as I was well & truly hot & sweaty by then.

Mr 50 minutes overtook me at the between the 6 & 7km mark & just seemed to take off.  I became quite frustrated as was seeing my goal disappear & seriously wanted to stop & walk.  That last killer hill was almost my undoing - again I almost gave up & walked with a mind set of "I'm not going to achieve my goal now so why bother" but managed to talk myself around becoming aware at the 8km mark I was only 18 seconds off pace & that I would still run a PB (previous was 51.57 in July) & that I wasn't a quitter.  As the kids had said to me, "eyes on the prize Cat, eyes on the prize"!!!

As I ran back into the CBD I spotted my sis taking a walk break (I was now back on the 6km route) & ran up behind her, slapped her on the butt & yelled out "move your arse"!  She yelled back you move yours!!  So I picked up the pace a little knowing I only had one more incline before a long downhill to the finish line.

I could no longer see Mr 50 minutes & kept with the mantra "just get to cannon hill then its all downhill" which I did & then ran as hard as I possibly could down Pertobe road to the finish line.  I was a bit out of control & had to dodge kids, prams & trees at high speed finding Mr 50 minutes jogging on the spot checking his watch in the finishing chute waiting to cross the finish line at exactly 50 minutes!!!

I flew past him & across the finish line clocking 49.27 on my own watch!  I got the PB & was bloody stoked!!!!

Official time was 49.52 (I'm guessing that was the time the gun went off til the time I crossed the finishing line) & the net 49.26 (the time I crossed the starting line to crossing the finishing line as its about the same as my watch).

I didn't see Plumbing Boy cheering me on over the finishing line, I was just focused on breathing & smashing that time!!!!  I was puffing like I hadn't trained & felt like my lungs were about to explode!!!  

It didn't take long though before I was able to breath normally & stopped & took of my timing tag.  Not finding anyone to return it to, went for water & then in search of PB.  Of course only then did I hear over the loud speakers that the timing tags were disposable this year & no need to return.  A memento I guess of the run for me to keep :-)

All in all it was a good run but I definitely need to work on my mental toughness.  Wanting to stop & walk..........shakes head.

Next stop: the Geelong 1/2 Marathon April 27th.


Cinders said...

Great result - you CAN do anything :)

C said...

Congratulations Cat, that is unbelievably impressive!!! I can't imagine running 10 kms in under 50 minutes. You won't even need a car soon, you can run everywhere. ;)

I wouldn't be so hard on yourself for considering walking, (I imagine) that running is such a mental battle and it wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy!


Memphis Steve said...

Holy crap, you are officially a serious runner now!!! You are blowing me away and now my nephew is running marathons. I'm a total slacker. Congrats to you and your PB!!!

AlleyCat said...

Thank you both Cinders & Clarissa!!!

Your encouragement & support means a lot!!!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Steve. I suppose I can officially say I'm a runner now. I just occurred to me actually & I think I shall do my next post on that very idea!!!

Georgia said...

Smashing effort!!! That sort of improvement in a year is MASSIVE! Well done you! :)

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Georgia!!! :0) I don't think this years improvement will be as dramatic!!!!