Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Official

Having logged 709kms in 2012 & 1190kms last year I think I can officially call myself a runner!!  That's 2 solid years me thinks!

Sure there are days & runs where I still think WTF am I doing; why am I punishing myself (or my lungs) with this?  

But in the end I'm usually ready to lace up my runners & go for another run (unless it's 40+ degrees C out which is what is was here all last week!).  I've had a few dates with the treadmill in the air-conditioned gym.

The best runs are the ones out on the road that turn meditative, where I'm not chasing a time or a hill: where I can let my thoughts just drift along, or away; or allow an answer to a problem to float into my head. Where I forget I am running & I just am. 

Those are my favorite runs. Usually in the cool (or cold!) of the morning, watching the moon go down & the sun come up.

sunrise at the end of my street last week

But, without a training program & a goal to achieve, would I run as often?  Would I have run as far?  I don't think so.  The chase of a PB can be pretty powerful, be it either a better time or a further distance regardless of the time.  Ultimately we all want to do things to the best of our ability do we not?  I mean why bother if you are never going to improve I suppose.

My running is in a good place at the moment with nominal ITB pain.  Although I am seeing a sports acupuncturist for that.  I'm having a couple of weeks without a set training program at the moment before starting a 12 week 1/2 marathon plan.

The Biceps tendinitis is almost sorted - I tried something in PT last week that made it twinge, alerting me to the fact that I have to keep up with the rehab exercises & take it very very slowly in resuming anything which involves supporting my body weight using my arms (push ups, side planks etc).  Physio is out to monthly visits now.

I have 5 running goals for this year; the first I've already accomplished.

1. Run a sub 50 minute 10km race.

2.Run a half marathon without knee pain (ITB); 

3. Run the above in sub 2 hours (or at least better than 2 hours 7 minutes & 36 seconds).

4. If I can achieve 2, I'd like to have a go at a full Marathon (which I've already been stressing about & am completely shit scared of!!!)

5. Run more kms in 2014 than I did in 2013.

So wish me luck & a dose of courage to give number 4 a crack!!

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