Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Wrap

I can't believe it's been a month since I did a proper post.  Well, I guess I can.  Christmas is a busy time around here.  All our staff generally go on leave & it's just me & Plumbing Boy keeping up with the incoming work.  Add to that family who seem to forget this (us having to work) every single year & expect us to be able to attend or host various gatherings & things can get a little chaotic!!!

One of our lovely customers bought in this cake for us as a Christmas thank you for our help over the past 12 months.  How adorable are they & how cool is the cake!!

I did manage to sneak away the Sunday afternoon before Christmas to head down the coast to Warrnambool to see my sister & niece, who's 14th birthday was on the 23rd.  I was able to spend the whole day & night with her as she hitched a ride back to Melbourne with me & stayed the night before her Dad collected her on Wednesday afternoon.  
I don't get to do that very often, as some times she's at her Dad's & work doesn't allow; but this year we decided to close the office & she was at home so it worked well.

She had 7 of her friends over for lunch plus my sis, her man, his daughter, myself & her Dad's mum (Nanna).  My parents were in Melbourne & came over that night so we had 2 birthday cakes that day!!  My sis, Tess & I cooked up a bit of a storm with an Italian themed lunch for her party.

Tess made her own birthday cake, the fruit kebabs, the antipasti platter & helped with the salad & sides.  She loves cooking a whole lot more than my sis does!!!  The teenagers ate themselves stupid & then had a good run around playing hide & seek on my sis's 20 acre farmlet.  At one stage there were 3 in the tray & 3 hiding in the backseat of my ute.  My sis & I were out in her veggie patch picking stuff for me to take back when we heard the giggling & then spotted the heads bobbing up & down.  Was really cool to see them all running around outside having fun rather than being glued to the TV or other technology if you know what I mean!  Or generally just being too cool for hide & seek..........

I was super slack this Christmas & didn't send out a single card or email.  But I cooked on Christmas day at home for PB, my parents, his Mum & sister in law.  Turkey, Pork & Lamb with all the trimmings + veg.  Mumsy made the Christmas pud.  

We ate ourselves into a food coma.  I was doing pretty well until I decided I was ready for desert.  After that, I had to lay flat on the floor as I was about to explode!  

MIL is no longer allowed to drive & SIL had just come out of hospital the day before so PB had to drive 45 -1hr across town to pick them up & return them.  He was rather tuckered by the time he got home!

Boxing day was spent with more family for lunch (they hosted) & we were given some French Cider.  Bloody good I must say.  Possibly the nicest cider I've ever had the pleasure of tasting.  And the label is super cool :-)

Then onto friends for dinner with Sis & tribe to test out their new swimming pool/spa/sauna.  Bliss!!!!

New Years was spent at my cousin's partners farmlet towards central Victoria.  A gathering of 10, BBQ & drinks out under the stars.  Was a lovely way to bring in the new year.

As was the early morning start that day.............PB & I went hot air ballooning!!!! You'll have to wait until next week for that post!!!


Memphis Steve said...

OK, while I wait for the post on the hot air balloon ride I just want to say, what a COOL cake!

AlleyCat said...

The cake was pretty cool!! The heads were lolly pops :0)

Hot air ballooning soon!!!