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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I think I'm coming out of the funk I've been in for a while.  

The bout of insomnia seems to be subsiding.  I managed 5 nights in a row solid sleep in my own bed last week.  Although the last 2 nights I've been back in the spare room - Sunday night I persisted til 11.30pm before moving, then went straight to sleep to have some bastard (I mean lovely customer) call at 12.30am & enquire about a price.  

Last night I waited 30 minutes only before moving. Plumbing Boy's snoring was driving me crazy & being so tired from the lack of sleep the previous night (which also made me miss my morning run) meant I wasn't going to be as patient!!!  I did make this mornings run!!  Lets see what tonight brings.

Biceps tendon is still only about 90%.  It goes up to 95% then I do something (at gym usually) to aggravate it.  Last week it was tricep dips.  The physio hadn't said I couldn't, & when Magic Mike gave me 2 sets to do, while complaining as they are my most hated of all exercises on the planet, I did them & tried my best not to be a sook about it.  The problem is that it doesn't hurt much at the time, it's later that night or the next day that the set back occurs.  On the up side, I am now excused forever from doing tricep dips as they are notorious for aggravating head of bicep blah blah blah which physio informed me of after I suggested that the dips may have been the cause.  HA!

ITB's are still tight on both sides.  Am looking at seeing a sports acupuncturist to assist with that on top of the foam rolling & monthly massage.  I've been able to run 8kms with nominal pain.  The test will be over a greater distance.  Which I need to crank up as I've entered a 10km on the 6th of Jan.  I did smash 1 minute & 4 seconds last week off my 5.5km time which was pretty massive.  5.5km is my go to run in the mornings.  One day I just decided to go hard from the beginning & that is what happened.  I took 2 seconds off it again this morning despite the gusting wind.  That makes me happy.

I dealt with a work issue that I've been putting off for some time as well today.  I cannot believe how anxious I was in the seconds before I confronted the issue/person!  I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest & I think I was borderline hyperventilating.  I managed to hold it together & said what I had to without getting upset or angry.  The perfect situation presented itself & if I didn't sort it then, then it wouldn't have had any meaning I guess when I finally did get around to it.  I still feel a bit anxious about it, but I do feel relieved that it is done with minimal damage to all parties.  Basically it was a managerial call to pull someone my senior into line about something they've been taking advantage of our good nature of I guess for quite some time.  I casually addressed it months ago & it improved slightly but has been getting worse & worse to the point of ridiculous this morning.  I should have sorted it ages ago, but I was being a woos.

Socially there is a lot going on as always this time of year & I've probably over committed myself.  I have a lot off cooking for other people's "events" to do.  Hopefully my Christmas present will assist with this as I've finally let Plumbing Boy buy me a Thermomix (Thanks Jadey!!).  I have a few friends who have them who hate cooking & I kind of felt they might take the joy out it, but have been shown otherwise recently by a couple of other friends who absolutely love cooking & love their Thermie's.

My niece's birthday is on the 23rd of December & I don't often have the chance to spend it with her due to work/Christmas commitments.  This year I am able to travel the 3 hours down & stay 1 night (while Plumbing Boy entertains my parents who want to be here, not there - long story) & am in cahoots with my sister in planing a surprise birthday lunch for her on the day.  Fun Fun!!!

I also have 6 confirmed with possibly 6 more coming for Christmas lunch so have a fair bit of planning, cleaning & cooking to do for that, with another friends big birthday party on the 21st which I've offered to help with as well.  If I don't lose the plot it could well be a miracle.  Lucky I'm in training for the 10km in a few weeks, otherwise I could see myself over indulging far more than necessary in the booze department for the next week weeks just to cope!!

That said, I'd better finish up as I'm making the actual chocolate cups tonight & raspberry coulis for another BBQ this weekend!!!  No rest for the wicked.  Lucky I like cooking.  Cleaning on the other hand..........might leave that to Mum!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013