Friday, November 22, 2013

Colour Run

This week has been tough training wise.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been worked harder, or if the eating, drinking & being merry last weekend had a bigger effect on me than I thought! 

I ran (7kms) Monday night out on the road in the sunshine which was sooooooo nice!!!  I’ve been hanging out for the warmer weather & am so over the cold wet & windy spring we’ve had.  Tuesday was PT, Wednesday Tready Hills (6.75kms), Thursday night PT & this morning ran 8kms before work out on the road.

I think Mike is working me harder than Craig did, because I swear both Tuesday & Thursday my arms & legs were quivering after the sessions.  Just like they did way back when I first started personal training with Craig.  Like I said, I’m not sure if last weekend’s bad nutrition contributed, but it seemed HARDER!  

I've been calling my new PT Mike “Magic Mike” in my head – not because of the film, but because he’s a basketballer (& way tall), & basketball reminds me of a tune by the Red Hot Chili Peppers called Magic Johnson, about that basketball player.  So Magic Mike he is (with a Magic Johnson theme song).  I missed my old trainer a little less this week as Magic Mike & I found some more common ground (calling the 8kg dead ball Wilson) & had a bit more of a laugh & a joke during our sessions (when I actually had enough breath to speak that is!).  He taught me a new high five move to conclude our sessions with Tuesday night which made me laugh.

So.  Last weekend’s nutrition wasn't super bad, just not what I am used to.  I could have tried harder & been stricter, but you know what?  I couldn't be bothered.  BUT my skin has been awful this week (as well as struggling with the training!) so I think I will be trying harder in the future.  I can see that my whole view on what I eat has dramatically changed this year & I no longer want to eat a lot of the stuff I wouldn't have thought twice about last year.  

We stayed with friends who have 3 kids (3, 5 & 7 y/o) who are adorable!!  As are their parents.  I guess the main offender on the weekend for me was bread.  White bread.  Garlic bread Friday night with dinner (pasta); toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, garlic bread with dinner Saturday night; Sunday toast for breakfast, BBQ with bread for lunch.  Additionally there were slices/cake for lunch which of course I had to try :0)

The food wasn't bad & most of it was homemade; it's just that I haven’t really eaten bread since last year!!  Maybe a slice of plumbing boy’s garlic bread here & there; but I couldn't tell you the last time I ate toast or had a sandwich; & if I did have them, it wouldn't be white bread.  

Our friends had bought fancy white bread for the grownups & plain white bread for the kids.  Mr 7 while eyeing off the fancy bread asked me which sort of bread was the healthiest.  I said hmmmmm probably multigrain.  His mum grinned & said that would be the one you call bird seed bread mate.  It will be interesting to see the next time we stay if multi grain is on the menu.

Plumbing boy seems to be able to eat bucket loads of bread without it affecting his waist line, but my body operates waaaaaaaaaaay better without it.  I was happy to come home to my own food & it’s taken me til today to budge the kg I put on over the weekend.  Anyhoo.  Enough about food.

This weekend in Melbourne is the Color Run, & my sis & niece (13) are coming up for it.  One of my cousin’s is doing it too.  Sis is walking & niece & cuz don’t seem to have done much training so will probably do a bit of each.  Niece is doing it with one of her mates so I don’t think us grownups are allowed near them!  I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing at this stage or who with, but I do plan to be covered in COLOUR!!!!  I’ll be putting my phone in a ziplock bag to keep it safe, but hopefully will have some pictures to share next week.  

I guess the memory of the pain of the ½ Marathon has worn off as I just signed up for another one in Geelong in April………………..didn't want to wait a whole year to try for that sub 2hr time. Oh how the times have changed!!

Sleep again this week has been shite, but I guess I’m coming out of my funk due to said signing up for another half.

Hope you all have marvelous weekends doing whatever makes you happy!!!  Me, I'm going for a Colour Run :0)


Chris H said...

I hope you have fun over the weekend at the Colour Run.
Bread is my nemesis too... while I love it, it doesn't love me.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris!! It was so much fun :0)