Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Colour Run Done!

I participated in the Colour Run on Sunday with 22,000 peeps including my cuz, sis, niece & niece's mate.  It wasn't really the sort of run I am used to, as there was lots of stopping & starting due to congestion & coming to a complete stop at some of the colour stations to GET COLOUR!  

People didn't follow the instructions very well of walkers to the left & runners to the right so it was lucky I wasn't taking it very seriously!!!

Suited the rest of my co-runners as they hadn't trained much & were all stoked to have "run" the whole way.  I didn't bother timing it as it was more about having fun & getting coloured!

Here we are nice & clean pre run - cuz on the left, sis in the middle.

Pretending to do Zumba during the warm up...........I was making up my own moves!!

Nicely coloured on completion after our own paint war!!!

Stage @ the after party!

Niece & mate after their own paint war!

I still have my happy tattoo!!!

Was a lot of fun & I highly recommend this event for people who are starting out running as a less serious event.  There is plenty of time to catch your breath at each colour station & possibly more walkers than runners!!

We're all keen to do it again next year & will definitely by a lot more creative with our attire!!!

Time to start training a little more seriously for the Warrnambool Surf T Surf 10km in January.  Hopefully will keep me honest over the silly season.  The festivities have begun already & I don't have a spare weekend between now & new years!!!  Wish me luck!

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