Friday, November 1, 2013

A Little Love

I was feeling the love last night at gym.  I rocked in as I usually do in a bit of a rush, sunglasses still on looking for my card in my gym bag, when I hear a flirty " hello darlin' " pop out of the mouth of one of the baby PT's.  

I actually thought he was talking to someone else, but no, it was directed at me!   Usually it totally shits me when people call me love or darling etc, especially from people younger than me.  But he gave me such a big smile that I laughed & continued to giggle on the tready til my PT was ready for me.  Crikey.  I'm old enough to be his Mum!

I had an observer last night for my PT session, a lady from the Australian Institute of something is half way through her training & doing a placement at my gym.  About 5 minutes into the session (after the first set of exercises) she says to me you're quite (insert word) aren't you, how often do you come to the gym.  I had to get her to repeat herself 3 times before I understood her - not because of her delightful NZ accent Chris H - but because she called me ATHLETIC!!!!  

I know I run & all, but I've never been called athletic.  Ever.  I was a skinny, runty, uncoordinated, weedy kid/teenager.  I was always last to be picked for sports at school.  In my 20's & early 30's you'd be likely to find me boozing in a pub somewhere rocking out to some alternate music & gradually putting on 20kgs.  Exercise just wasn't on my radar.  Exercise was not cool.

I guess I didn't start exercising til sometime in my mid 30's (clothes shopping was becoming challenging); but it has only been in my 40's (god that sounds ancient!!!) that I seem to have found my sporty self.  I guess some of us are late bloomers!!! LOL better late than never!!!

It's Melbourne Cup weekend in Melbourne & we've shut our office for the past couple of years on the Monday giving everyone a long weekend.  I am definitely looking forward to getting some much needed R&R this weekend & hopefully some sunshine later today & tomorrow!!!!!

Where ever you are, I hope you are feeling a little love!!!!!!!!!! 

AND that you back a winner for the cup - not that I have the faintest idea who is running this year & avoid the TAB as much as possible :-)


Memphis Steve said...

You've earned the love. You've worked hard for it and you deserve every bit of it. Smile and enjoy it. :-)

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Steve!!!! I did for a PT is leaving me (well, our gym in general) so was a bit short lived :0(