Thursday, November 14, 2013

4th Anniversary

4 years ago today Plumbing Boy & I got hitched - although we've actually been together 21 years + 1 month - so it kind of feels weird celebrating a 4th wedding anniversary.  I can't really believe that 4 years has gone by so quickly though.  I don't even want to think about where the past 21 years has gone................ We are going out for dinner tonight to celebrate anyway - we've yet to decide where as we keep changing our minds!  PB's keen on a Malaysian place, but he always orders heaps of deep fried stuff that I don't want!!!  We are still in negotiation!!!!

While I am looking forward to this & am happy to celebrate, it's been a tough week.  This gloomy weather is not helping & I've been feeling rather melancholy which sux.  I've tried every trick in the book to get me out of this state - running, gym, positive affirmations, happy tunes - but none of it is really working.  I've been in the midst of an insomnia patch  now for a couple months too; any noise wakes me when I finally do get to sleep (PB's loud snoring isn't helping!) so I've been really tired which doesn't help.  I've been trying herbal remedies (Valerian) which have been helping some.

My shoulder/biceps tendinitis is still dragging on & I'm well & truly over it.  However, the physio was super pleased that I've now got pain emanating from my rotator cuff down into my tricep!!  According to him this means my exercises are working which has caused these puppies to tighten up which is causing the pain.  He did some rather unpleasant prodding under my arm last night to alleviate this & it is feeling better this morning (thank GOD!!!).

He also sold me one of these which I suspect will be my new best friend...............

You can lay on it or stand up against a wall & push those hard little spikes into all manner of shoulder, arm etc etc sore spots.  I'm calling him spikey.  Spikey is good for any trigger point/self massage relief & I'll be able to torture my calves, glutes & feet among other body parts! 

I tried an 8km run on Saturday, my right knee was almost sore enough to ice afterwards so the ITB tightness is still there & that also is getting me down.  I'm doing physio exercises & using a foam roller for relief.  I guess I feel a bit broken.

I've started with the new PT - Mike.  His back ground is in basketball so should be OK for the type of conditioning I'm after.  I guess it will take time to build up the camaraderie & friendship I had with my old PT, but I've signed up for 10 sessions & will see how it goes.

We're heading to the country to visit friends & go to a country show on the weekend so hopefully that will get me out of my funk.  In the mean time, I'll leave you with my 2 x fave professional wedding photos.......................


Cinders said...

Happy Anniversary Cat - I love the look of spiky. Have a great weekend away x

Memphis Steve said...

Happy anniversary!!!

Those are 2 really cool wedding photos, I must say.

I wonder if your funk is the result of the disappointment associated with injuries, they are rather frustrating, combined with the loss of your trainer. I know he wasn't your boyfriend or best friend or brother or anything like that, but he was a part of your life that you counted on and enjoyed and losing him is still a loss. If I were nearby I would try to cheer you up with a rip-roaring and totally inappropriate fart. It always cheers my significant other. But as I am so far away I can only wish you lots of love and hope that you will take to your new trainer quickly and things will improve. :-)

Chris H said...

Your wedding photos are A..MAZING!!!!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Cinders!! I took spikey with me on the weekend & left him behind! Noooooooooo!!!

Thanks Steve - Yep I think you are spot on with your diagnosis. Thanks for your kind support er um & the fart joke!!!!!

Thanks Chris!!