Monday, October 14, 2013

1/2 Marathon Training Update - Week 9

Week 9: October 7th - 13th

Mon: PT evening
Tues: 4.5km morning - 23.56 mins = 5.23 mins/km
Wed: PT evening
Thurs: 5.5km morning - 28.49 mins = 5.18 mins/km
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest (went for a 4km walk)
Sun: 1/2 Marathon Event - 21.1kms

The final week of training arrived.  Did a killer leg work out Monday night which saw my quads still protesting on Thursday!!!  

Knees still a bit grumpy from Saturday's 15kms so opted for a shorter run (4.5km) on Tuesday morning (had planned 5.5km).

A giggling boxing workout Wednesday night (couldn't explain it even if I tried - but there were lots of laughs) followed by 5.5kms Thursday morning before heading into the city to see if I could upgrade from the 10km to the 1/2 marathon. 

Knees started to complain around 5kms which worried me, but I hoped a couple more days stretching & foam rolling & rest might get me through.

As per last post I managed to upgrade from the 10km to the 21.1km - 1/2 marathon.  I was in the city at 7.10am, grabbed a coffee, walked to the MCG & at 7.20am there were already around 30 people in the queue waiting for the office windows to open!!!  Wow.  By the time the window opened there were at least 100 people in the queue.  

I got chatting to the ladies in front & behind me in the queue - lady in front was hoping to run her first 1/2 marathon this year & had been told on average 50 places  become available in the 1/2 when it sells out.  

The lady behind me had done her first the previous year & was training with a group who's organizer was on the committee & had advised her there were around 200 places available.  We were feeling quite confident at that stage we'd all get places.

The ticketing windows opened at 8am & at 8.05am word was passed back that those wanting to up or downgrade had to go & pick up their original event's race packets first!!  Oh no!!!!  The two ladies & I, & the bloke who'd let us know this all ran off together to the 10km event pick up fairly frustrated as we'd have lost our spot in the queue & were all in danger now of missing out on the upgrade as who knew how many more people would have joined the queue while we were now in another queue picking up our 10km packets!!!

The bloke had a bit of a bright idea though & suggested 2 of us go back & hold places in the queue while the other 2 pick up the rest of the race packets.  As I'd forgotten to bring my race number with me & I didn't want to be responsible for further hold ups, the lady behind me offered to pick up the rest of the race packets while the other two held all our places in the queue.

It was a bit of a nervous wait for me & I almost expected to be turned away for not having my race number, but thankfully they had a print out & I was able to help the volunteer locate me & my number quickly.  I raced back to the queue & was happy to see that we had been allowed back into our original places in the queue & were now next up at the ticket window.  I ended up going first as I was first back with my packet & was able to upgrade.  There were at least 30 or 40 packets left in the box my new packet was taken from so I was confident we'd all get our upgrades & let the others know.  The bloke said he wouldn't feel confident until he had it in his hand!!!

As I finished my upgrade, the other lady came back with the rest of the packets & the bloke was next up.  We all said good bye & good luck; then the lady who'd picked up the rest of the packets yelled out to me - hey, is it your birthday today (she'd over heard the exchange I had with the volunteer when I picked up my 10km packet).  I grinned & said yes, & now I have my birthday present!!  They all cheered & wished me a happy birthday & I left the MCG feeling blessed!

I spent the rest of the day on a bit of a high finally being sure I was going to compete in the event I'd been training for!!  Out for quite celebratory dinner Thursday night before spending Friday & Saturday hydrating & eating as cleanly as possible.  I only slightly increased the carbs, but did have pasta for dinner on Saturday night.

Went for a 4km walk Saturday afternoon to test out the new ear buds I'd bought that morning - lordy I know I should have bought & tested them well prior, but you know how it goes.  Rules for any big runs are to not try anything new - shoes, socks, clothes & ear buds!!!  LOL. I was to break two of those rules as I accidentally went into Lorna Jane on my way on from ear bud shopping & purchased a couple of items.  My running tights were starting to fall down a just bit after-all, plus my shoes were feeling lonely.  Can't manage to save the image from the website, so you'll just have to click here to see them.

On the Monday night at PT, Craig had asked me which shoes I was going to grace the event with - I of course said purple!!  He said NO!!  I like the orange ones!!!  So I made a deal that should I get in, I'd wear the orange ones.  Now I had tights to go with them.

I alternated between being excited & nervous & worried about how my knees would hold up.  I slept pretty well during the week except Wednesday night (the night before finding out if I got in).  Saturday night I slept unusually well for me the night before an event, although I dreamed that I'd forgotten to bring my race number with me & they couldn't time me!

My PT went on holidays Thursday for a 10 days, so nicely timed for me with tapering & having planned a week off after the event.  He did want to know if I'd gotten in - text went "Orange it is - I'm in" his response was "1hr 59 please"
- nothing like a bit of pressure!!!  Possible, but would have had to have had no knee pain at all to achieve.  

As I said in a previous post, I'd set 3 goals - good was to finish without walking, great to finish within the 2 hr & 6 minutes I thought I would finish in & brilliant would be anything better than that.

Tomorrow I'll tell you how I went!!


C said...

Oh you little bugger, keeping us waiting until tomorrow! ;)

Looking forward to hearing all the gritty details on Thursday night!!!


AlleyCat said...

LOL - it was getting a bit long C!!!! And I ran out of time to finish it yesterday. xoxo