Friday, September 27, 2013

Test Run

So.  Tomorrow I've committed to running the distance.  

My PT suggested doing 21kms this weekend rather than the 19 or 20 I had planned; then 15kms the following week as a bit of a taper, with the event the following Sunday.

I guess this has a two fold effect - will see if I can mentally (& physically) do it - although I'm sure I can; & if I miss out on a place, then at least I will have actually run it.

Then I can add a charm to my bracelet.  A few weeks ago, I bought myself a 10km, which I added already & the 21.1km in preparation for completing the fun run as a bit of an incentive & who doesn't like adding bling?

Am I nervous?  Yeah, a bit.  Last weeks run was not fun.  I'm busily hydrating in preparation & will be cooking my own dinner tonight.  Last week we went out for dinner & I had on recommendation the gnocchi matriciana (as did plumbing boy) which was unfortunately gluggy & not very good & we both felt gross after eating it.  Even the sauce was just wrong.  I can without a shadow of a doubt make both the gnocchi & the matriciana far better than we had in the restaurant.

I'll make some sort of pasta dish with chicken & snow peas, so hopefully better fuel will help.  I've also mixed up my play list a bit & put key favorite tunes in at the 5, 10 & 15km approximate markers to help with the motivation & to stop me looking at my watch so much.

I'm going to run bayside again & know pretty much how much further I need to run on the trail to achieve the distance.  I'm just hoping that it's not blowing a gale & hailing.  Ugghhh.

Wish me luck!!!!!


Emile Buttocks said...

Good luck to you, Speedy Aussie Girl! My last race I ate out and had spaghetti, thinking the carbs would help me. But they put so much garlic and other things in it that it made me feel sick and didn't help at all. Blah, from now on I make my own pre-race meals. I can't wait to hear the results of your race. I have the Warrior Dash next weekend.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks EB! update coming soon. Good luck with Warrior Dash!!!