Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1/2 Marathon Training Week 6

Week 6: 16/9 - 22/9/13

Mon: PT evening
Tues: 6.5km run morning 38.30mins = 5.89 mins per km
Wed: Rest
Thurs: 6.5km run morning 37.40mins = 5.75 mins per km; 
PT evening
Fri: Rest
Sat: 18km scheduled
Sun: Rest

This week the shorter run distance has increased by 1km for each run.  Again I was a bit slow.  We've had man flu in the house since last Wednesday so I've been doing my best to avoid it by getting extra sleep & downing lots of vitamin C tablets.  Had a scratchy throat & a bit of a headache Monday - Wednesday, but seemed to have avoided it.  

Poor Plumbing Boy came back from some site inspections last Wednesday, went to bed & didn't get up (other than to pee) til Sunday night!  I let him sit on the couch & watch TV for an hour, but other than that he was banished to the bedroom.  There is a TV in there, but he was pretty much too sick to bother.  Not only did he have man flu, it appears he had real flu.  Sent him to the DR Monday morning just in case there was something they could give him to help as we had a massive tender due in & he was diagnosed with an upper respiratory virus & to go back to back to bed for a few more days as he didn't look so good.

Anyhoo.  Man flu avoided, I spent Friday trying to hydrate ready for Saturday morning's run & not stressing.  Now the distance has gotten quite far, I'm stressing myself out a bit.  I have been a bit anxious & have been talking down my inner stress head, muttering to myself "It's OK, you've got this".  My PT has been very supportive & I've been texting him reports after each long run to let him know how I've gone & if anything in particular hurts LOL.  So far so good.

This weeks long run I drove to the Maribyrnong river, near the Anglers tavern, & instead of chucking laps around that 4km loop, I headed towards Footscray til I ran out of trail & then a block up to the Commercial Hotel in Yarraville, having measured the distance on the map, deciding it was 9kms each way.  It was bloody cold as I set off at 6.10am from the car, hardly saw a soul, but the bird life was prolific.  The river was like glass & in places there was mist was coming off the water.  The reflections of the surrounds was amazing including hot air balloons which were miles away!! 

As I got closer to Footscray & the time of day was a little more respectable, a few runners were out & about as well as people walking their dogs.  Said 'morning to them all.  It always amuses me when people don't expect it.  I try to get a response & a smile from everyone.  The cyclists were the friendliest!!  

As I drew to the close of the run I checked my watch & realized I hadn't been running long enough to have made the distance required (or alternately I'd run super fast & while my knees were both protesting, I figured this unlikely), so instead of going straight back to the car, I took the long way back to the car going 3/4 of the way around the 4km loop.  It was bloody hard & I finished up with 18.9kms run in 111 mins & 10 seconds = 5.87 mins per km.  My slowest kms were 10, 18, 11, 2 & 13 respectively 6.09 - 6mins.  Fastest were 7km - 5.44, 16km, 5.45 & 17km 5.48.

It was a lot harder than last week & both knees hurt on & off from the 9th km.  And it took a lot longer to recover than it did from the previous weekend although I only ran 1km further.  All in all run was OK, but tough.

I'll leave you with a pick of plumbing boy & myself @ our Goddaughters 18th Birthday Party on Saturday night.  The theme was a night in Paris, hence the Eiffel Tower behind us!  The french champagne was lovely :-)


Cinders said...

spunk - you look beautiful x

AlleyCat said...

thanks Cinders!!

Chris H said...

You both look wonderful! Well done on the running.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris!!!!