Monday, September 23, 2013

1/2 Marathon Training Update - Week 5

Week 5: 9/9 - 15/9

Mon: 45min tready walk + PT evening
Tues: 5.5kms morning 28.22 minutes = 5.13 mins per km
Wed: PT evening
Thurs: 5.5kms morning 27.44 minutes = 4.98 mins per km
(personal best/personal record!!!!!)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 17km scheduled long run
Sun: Rest

Biceps tendon issue aggravated a bit from Monday nights session, but had settled down by Wednesday.  We did sprint training interspersed with push ups, burpee's, jump squats & jumping lunges.  Physio advised to ice after PT to keep any inflammation under control.   It is getting better & better now each week; I just need to be careful while increasing the weights & activities so as to not over do it.  Doms settled in from Wednesday's PT session on Thursday night & traps still sore Friday morning!!!

Ran a PB Thursday morning despite the leg work Wednesday night (although the clean & presses are probably the cause of my trap soreness! & a bit of lingering bicep tendon tenderness).  

Drove to Williamstown for the long run again & ran from Newport through Willi towards Altona.  Again time based - ran 52 minutes in one direction, then turned around & came home.  Total time was 103mins 50 seconds.  Return trip only just faster than on the way there.  GPS said 17.57kms, I'll round down to 17.5 & divide by 104 minutes which is 5.94mins per km.  I need to speed up a bit if I want to crack 2 hours, at the moment I'm looking at 2 hours 10 minutes!

Felt pretty good although the last 2kms were hard & my hammies were feeling it; very tight.  The sun finally came out as I finished & was happy to flop down on the freshly mown grass & do some stretches.

This was taken about 1/2hr after Week 4's long run by my sis:

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