Monday, September 9, 2013

1/2 Marathon Training Update: Week 4

Week 4: 3/9 - 9/9

Mon: 5.5km morning 28.29 mins = 5.14mins per km; 
PT evening
Tues: rest
Wed: 5.5km morning 28.48 mins = 5.17mins per km
Thurs: PT evening
Fri: Rest
Saturday: 16kms 
Sunday: Rest

I tried hard to be faster on the shorter runs this week with success!!  I think 5.14 mins per KM is a personal best for me!  The physio said I was allowed to start back with upper body work at gym although I still have pain on two of the tests he does each visit to see how I'm progressing.  It is getting less each week & I find I can do more without pain & the night time pain has declined as well.  It was aching a lot at night & affecting my quality of sleep.  I recon this week I've almost slept through without waking every hour or so when I roll over.  And I only have to see him once this week instead of twice!

So, inverted suspension strap rows, push ups & spiderman push ups were on the agenda Thursday night which I seem to have survived without aggravating the biceps tendon.  Yippeee!!!!  Spiderman push ups look like this, alternating.  I wear a shirt & lack the muscle definition this guy has!!

The long run aim was 16kms, I ran 49 minutes in one direction from home & back again which rendered 16.57kms done!  Actual time was 1 hour 39 minutes which equates to 5.97 minutes per km.  I need to speed up just a tad if I want to make it in under 2 hours.

Left knee was a little sore (usually sore on the right side) for a change, but I guess as the distance increases so will the niggles & soreness: I just have to try to relax a bit & not stress over it.  I'm finding I need the weekend to recover with legs a bit sore on Sunday still, but nothing major.  

No scenery this week as I ran along the freeway walking/cycling track other than a few bunnies!  Bring on next week - planning on running bayside again.

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