Friday, September 6, 2013

1/2 Marathon Training Update: Week 3

Week 3: 26/8 - 1/9 (which brings me up to date)

Mon: PT followed by 4.5km treadmill
Tues: Rest
Wed: 4.5km road morning 24.29mins
Thurs: PT
Fri: Rest
Sat: 14.80kms 
Sun: Body Balance

I slept in on Monday morning so no run.  Attempted to do it after Monday nights session - oh ah was it hard!!  But I was dead keen to test out the Zooms.  Nike Zoom +6.  I did mention they were bright didn't I!!!

Very comfortable.  Very happy.  Did a road test on Wednesday & again no problems.  Friday night we were visiting rels who where apartment sitting in Port Melbourne virtually opposite where the Spirit of Tasmania docks so planned to do the long run this side of the bay as we were sleeping over.  Again with no idea of distance & ran 45 minutes in one direction which took me to the Elwood Surf Life Saving Club & then ran back the other way.  

The distance on the training plan was 14kms, but I actually covered 14.98kms!!!  The furtherest I've run EVER!!! Time was 5.94 mins/km - much better than last week!  I also tried some tape on my bicep which seemed to help as I barely felt it.  

Had a little hip & knee pain in the lasts 2kms, but my running app showed me they were my fastest 2kms which shows me 2 things.  I still had juice in the tank & I should just slow down a bit if that happens again!  I was super stoked & tried to take a selfie with the Spirit of Tasmania in the background when I finished, but my phone was too flat to take it!

I took off at sunrise so this is pretty much what I saw as I walked out the front of the apartment block

This gives you an idea about the size of the boat & the wharf - The spirit is the boat boat closest to shore on the right.

And one I found of St Kilda beach.

It was just beautiful watching the sunrise over the water.  The sky turned a beautiful mauve then purple; it was calm on the water, a little chilly but nicely cool to run in.  Hot air balloons were out to add to the cityscape.  Just amazing.  I kind of understand why people drive to places just to go for a run.  It really does make all the difference on a longer run!  

After week 3's training I'm feeling pretty pumped!!!  Next long run is supposed to be 15kms, but as I've already done it I think I'll go straight onto 16kms which unfortunately will have to be done in my boring old suburb as I'm time poor this weekend, but that's OK.  


Memphis Steve said...

Ah, look at those shoes!!!! This job is killing me. They honestly expect me to be there every single waking hour and no vacation and no sick days and no benefits. This is already destroying my health. I'm thinking it's time to dust off the resume and try again.

Memphis Steve said...

My point of that tirade was, I can't even get to the gym AT ALL because of work.

AlleyCat said...

Sorry to hear Steve :0(