Thursday, September 5, 2013

1/2 Marathon Training Update: Week 2

Week 2 19/8 - 25/8

This week I started following the "actual" training plan my PT & I decided on:

Mon: 4km treadmill evening (slept in)
Tues: PT evening
Wed: 4km road run morning 24.15 mins
Thurs: rest
Fri: PT evening
Sat: 13km road 1hr 23mins 9 seconds
Sun: Rest

I went down to Newport Saturday morning for my long run & ran bayside towards Williamstown & on towards Altona.  As I don't know the distances along this route I chose to run for 42 minutes in one direction then turn around & come back & would hopefully have made the distance!

Took these before I set off:  City skyline, Westgate Bridge & a ship respectively.

I like running as the sun comes up, although this day it had started to spit a bit & I was running around 1/2hr behind  schedule so kind of missed the sunrise proper, but none the less it was a lovely view out over the bay.  Quite peaceful with not too many people out asides runners & dog walkers.

My knee was good & didn't bother me the whole run, but my bicep drove me mad.  It didn't matter where I positioned my arms -higher, lower, mid, the pain came in waves.  I wasn't sure if I was tensing my arms as I run or not.  My PT said that of course the tendon & bicep will be tense to a degree if the elbow is bent & you are swinging it back & forth & that I should try a simple bandage for some support.

The distance I ran was actually 13.2kms so was happy, although the time pretty slow - 6.28 mins/km, but at the moment it's about covering the distance, not speed.

After the long run I headed into the city to the Running Fit store to purchase a new pair of runners.  That was supposed to be my reward after the last 10km but as I didn't do as well as I'd hoped, I hadn't felt motivated enough to get them; or perhaps deserved of them.  My faithful old silvers (Asic's) purchased in December 2011 had 682kms on them so after a comment on a previous post about remembering to replace my shoes, I decided it was time.

I was asked to run on the treadmill in bare feet while the attendant recorded me running from behind.  The first thing he said, is "look, your left hip dips when you run!  I haven't even looked at your feet yet!"  I said "that'd be the weak left glute yeah?" He said yeah & proceeded to check what exercises I'm doing for it (physio gave them to me) & gave me a few extra to try & then proceeded to look at my feet.  
Apparently my pronation isn't that bad & he felt I was doing more damage with the Trance 12's super support which does not encourage any gait improvement what so ever & had me try some neutral shoes as well as stabilizing shoes, run in each & then analyzed my gait.  He also felt that if I sorted out the glute, the pronation would sort itself out.   

I've ended up with a pair of bright orange Nike's much to my surprise.  Photo's in next post.  I won't be accessorizing.  Orange.  Shakes Head.  Fluro Bloody Orange. It was the only colour they had in stock & I was determined to have a new pair that day.  I won't tell you they also come in Purple & that I may or may not have since ordered those on line as well!!!!!


Emile Buttocks said...

Well on the bright side, with neon orange running shoes there's not much chance that passing cars will fail to see you or anything. I mean, it's like a safety feature. :-)

Your biceps are hurting and my triceps are hurting me because they are shrinking away to nothing. Aren't we a pair? Anyway, what do runners need arms for, right?

AlleyCat said...

LOL yes I did mention that particular safety feature to my trainer who laughed & said you need an anti dog feature (have been almost bitten by more dogs than attempted vehicle runnings over!!).

The arms - balance??? I think i'd fall over without mine. Bloody arms!!!!!!!!!

Cinders said...

Great training sessions. I love the bright runners, they are def motivating.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Cinders. I seem to be developing a bit of a sneaker fetish!!!!!!