Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1/2 Marathon Training Update: Week 1

I'm into my 4th week of training for the Melbourne Marathon October 13th and am happy to say it is gong quite well!  Despite the biceps tendinitis which is slowly slowly healing I have pretty much kept to my training plan.  Have been asked for a training update, so here is week 1!

Week 1:12/8 - 18/8
I didn't commit to the run until Thursday night of week 1 so I just added what I'd already done to the training plan, despite it not quite being what I was supposed to do (according to the 1/2 training plan I decided to follow!)

Mon: 6.5km road run morning 38.29mins
Tues: 5.5k road run morning 29.48mins; + 30 minutes Personal Training (PT) evening
Wed: 6km Treadmill Hills evening
Thurs: PT evening
Fri: Rest
Sat: 12km - 3 laps of the 4km Maribyrnong loop 1hr 9mins 55 seconds
Sun: Body Balance

Above is what it looks like running around the Maribyrnong (where the Anglers Tavern is for those Melbournites reading).  The track runs along the river on either side with bridge going over at each end.  Quite pretty with rowers out on the river & lots of walkers & runners alike with plenty of dogs!

That 12kms was tough, my knee was sore from the 4km mark & protested the whole way through.  My trainer joked it could be a bit of a phantom with me being scared of running further than usual LOL - I always have this pain when I either run hard or hard with hills!!  I spoke to the Physio about it who had a play with the area (when I was seeing him for the bicep issue) which is actually not quite my knee that hurts, but below it on the outer right of the shin or the Tibialis Muscle (so he tells me).

Physio 1 said it was very tight & he'd get the fill in physio who I was seeing next appointment (as my regular physio was away) to have a look at it.  Not only did he look, he got downright physical with it & I was bruised the whole length (forgot to take a photo) of the muscle, but kind of looked a bit like my bicep which still looked like this on Friday a week & a half later....

Leg  healed much faster.  He also dry needled my leg & it really has helped.  I just need to continue working it with the foam roller.  Physio 2 seemed to think it had been tight for years!

I won't be doing any more hill runs between now & the half which I'm not unhappy about.  

Distance wise, other than the regular 10kms, I'd only run 12kms once & 14kms once in my running career, so have been feeling increasingly nervous of how I will manage the increase in distance in the coming weeks.

I guess you could say I was not feeling overly confident after week 1.

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