Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's all about the camera angle

A while ago Chris H from dietcokerocks asked me to put up some photo's to show off all the training I've been doing.  So I've been having a look at some older photo's of myself trying to find some similar comparisons i.e. body & head shots to show the difference.  I've come to the conclusion that it's all about the camera angle.

Jan 2007, body shot guessing around 63 - 64kgs below, same night head shot out & about in Melbourne town

May 2007, around 65 - 66kgs Denham WA - according to my 1st blog post I topped the scales at 69kgs in Nov 2007 

 July 2008 Crown celebrating a friends birthday, around 65kgs

May 2009, above around 62kgs, my cousin's 21st (shakes head at the comparative shot below, yuk!)

October 2009, around 62kgs hens night & below (my fave) same weight November 2009 

Jan 2010 both above, looking at the body shot around 65 - 67kgs... (that body shot is bloody awful!! - stacked it on after the wedding)

July 2011 65kgs - had been camping, looking pretty shabby!!

Nov 2011 63kgs after high school reunion, very hung over!

                                            March 2012 63kgs above & below in Hong Kong

Jan 6th 2013 61.5kgs post 10k fun run - this one I like!

Feb 1st 2013 Port Douglas 61.5kgs - this one is a shocker!!!!!!

May 2013 Black Cat Track PNG 57kgs

June 2013 beer garden Port Fairy 56kgs

July 2013 prior the age Melb 10km run a couple of weeks ago 56kgs - Plumbing Boy is not a photographer!

As you can see my weight has been up & down; I am currently the lightest I've been since my late teens/early twenties.  In fact I wore one of the 2 skirts I'd hung onto the other day to work!!  It was still a little firm around the middle; I don't think the other skirt will fit yet as it's pretty straight - I have more hips/butt now than I did when I was 19; & certainly more muscle.  

I recon I look fatter on my hens night than I did heavier in 2008, or even the head shot in 2010 - which proves it is all about the bloody camera angle.  

What I do know, is I'm fitter, stronger & leaner (which were all my PT goals) than I've been in years & am certainly feeling the benefits of it.  The anxiety I was experiencing last year has subsided.  I think I've escaped the winter blues this year.  I'm generally a happier person to be around & I'm taking less crap from other people - standing up for myself & others when they behave inappropriately!  That may sound a little strange by it's true.

So Chris, I'm not sure these pic really do show all my bloody hard work, but here they are.


Cinders said...

you've done an amazing job and look awesome. so true about the exercise keeping the winter blues away - cant wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

Memphis Steve said...

You look great! I wish I could say I had done as well.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Cinders!! Although today's weather has left me somewhat gloomy LOL! Looking forward to our catch up too!!!!!

Thanks Steve. Don't know what to say except keep at it!!! I didn't think I had it in me to get back to where I am now, that's for sure......

Advizor54 said...

i go back through my pictures on Picassa where you can find an sort yourself by date and I can see the ebb and flow of my exercise routine. It's depressing and funny at the same time. Lately ow I'm on the right path and trying to be good.

pictures like your are encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Advisor54 - depressing & funny is about right!!! I think I need to look at them more often to remind me NOT to go back to where I've been!!!

Happy to hear you are currently on the right path :0)