Friday, August 16, 2013


You guessed it, I've decided to have a crack at a half marathon.  It's something I've been thinking about for a while.  My options are to either stay at the same distance but improve the time, or try for a longer distance.  Truth be told, I'm afraid of failing both.  What if I can't run any faster than I can right now?  What if I can't make the distance or what if I injure myself trying??

My trainer of course tells me to just go for it.  No need to be scared.  I have the fitness base.  Just commit.  

I was talking to a mate of plumbing boy's a couple of weeks ago.  He broke both bones in his lower leg above the ankle just over 12 months ago dirt bike riding with PB.  6 months on crutches, 9 months off work, 11 months before he got back on the bike.  He was asking me how the last 10km fun run went & was most amused at me being disappointed I didn't make the time I wanted.

He used to run.  That is something he can never do again. He said he used to just go for a 20km run & had often though of training for a marathon.  He's disappointed he'll never have the choice to even try now.  PB thought he'd had a few too many beers......

It got me thinking though.  Fear really is the only thing holding me back.  After chatting with my trainer & a few other people I finally decided last night that I would give it a go.  Came home from my PT session went to register before I chickened out to find the bloody event has sold out.  That was kind of symptomatic of my day.  Everything I tried to do yesterday was fraught with obstacles.

So.  I registered for the 10km & am hoping to get on the waiting list for the 1/2 marathon @ the Melbourne Marathon event in October.  It's 8 weeks away & I settled on a training program last night with my PT & have my first long run tomorrow.  I'll actually run less days than I have been for the past 4 months, but further on Saturdays & have 2 rest days instead of 1.

I've been doing a weekend 10km for the past 6 - 8 weeks so will be gradually increase that each week til the event.   I'm planning on 12kms tomorrow provided we don't have gale force bloody winds.  3 laps of the Maribyrnong river loop. Then increase by 1km each week until the event.

If I don't get into the 1/2 marathon I'll run the 10km -  all the events on the day finish at the MCG & you get to run a lap of the "hallowed" turf - and find another 1/2 to register for between now & Christmas I guess.

Wish me luck!!!


Advizor54 said...

Good Luck!!! I love the 1/2 marathon distance. It's doable, not horribly long, a good jump up from the 10K, and they usually give out great t-shirts.

Stay healthy, stretch, eat right, buy new shoes more often than you think you need and don't worry too much about the time. Just have fun, finish, and lift a pint at the recovery tent.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Advisor54!

Yep, new shoes are on the agenda - I've been wearing the new ones on the long runs & the old ones on the short, but it's time!! I will indeed celebrate with a pint afterwards!!

Thanks again for the encouragement :0)