Thursday, July 25, 2013

Race Report

Those of you who I'm friends with on Facebook will already know I didn't achieve my 10km goal time.  

Official time was 51.57 minutes.  

My goal was as close to 50 minutes as possible.  

My trainer threw 47.09 at me.  I knew I had no hope of that, but considering I ran 10km in 50.24 the previous week, I was secretly hoping for somewhere in the 49's.

I guess my regular 10km loop has 1 small hill & no people to dodge.  The fun run had a couple of long uphill inclines (couldn't really call them hills) & a shite load of people to dodge.  I almost face planted 3 times, being tripped from behind - other runners getting too close or swerving too close when over taking & clipping my feet, which wasn't fun. 

There was a bit of a bottle neck under the Swan Street bridge where there was a 4 person wide footpath with the bridge on one side & a 2 - 3 person wide verge of grass & the river on the other.  

Once past the bridge there was also a grass verge on the right hand side but you couldn't run on the road for maybe 1/2km??  On some of the forums & facebook pages I've seen people complaining of being held up for 3 - 4 minutes in this section!!!  

I don't think I was held up that much, although when 3 people are WALKING  abreast on the footpath it made it very hard for runners to get past. 

There were no actual pacers which I found out for sure at the 2km marker - the guy running with the 50 minute balloon was not a pacer - he'd left me for dead @ 2km's & 8 minutes in!!!  I'd missed the 1km marker & had run the first 2kms way too fast!!

I was on pace for 50 minutes at the 5km mark, but by the 8km marker I was 2 minutes behind pace.  I missed the 6 & 7km markers, so maybe the Swan Street bridge section did hold me up for longer than I thought, as I maintained the pace for the last 2kms.  I had intended to "take off" at the 8km mark, but don't think I had it in me to run any faster!!!

I was lucky enough to receive a Runners World magazine subscription for my birthday last year, & through this I was invited to the VIP Runners World tent for the run.  This meant I could leave my bag there (instead of in Fed Square with the thousands of other bags), post race massages (didn't have), mats for stretching, free coffee fruit water & sandwiches post race & there was a small heater which I huddled by before the run.

Cold weather is not my friend.  All the blood drains from my fingers (& toes) & I find it hard to warm them back up.  I have this thing going on called Raynaud's Phenomenon  which is not fun in winter.  I was rugged up with gloves & layers, but trying to take them off while running isn't easy either!  I'd settled on a long sleeve running top, a light wind breaker with pockets & long running tights.  Just before the warm up I took of the additional layers I'd worn to keep warm pre race & headed to fed square where an rather entertaining aerobic's warm up was conducted.

By the time the race started my feet felt like ice blocks & the feeling didn't return til the 5km marker; although on the upside I managed to keep my fingers warm enough & was wishing by then I had a singlet top on instead of long sleeves!!!  Wind breaker was tied around my waist just as the run started & I'd stuffed the gloves in their pockets.  It would seem a simple thing dressing for a run, but sometimes not!!!!

The course was OK, having not done many fun runs I don't have a lot to compare it with.  It was beautiful along the river & there were stages set up along the course with musicians & DJ's to spur us on (although I was listening to my own music!).  There were lots of volunteers along the way all rugged up cheering us on - gave a few of the more cheerful ones high fives on my way past!  We were really lucky with the weather - it had pretty much rain the whole day before.  The sun was out, there was a bit of a breeze, but no rain (nor hail as was a possibility on the forecast!).

Did I have fun on the run?  I'm not sure I did.  

Had I achieved my goal, perhaps things would be different.   
I've been a bit down all week.  Haven't had a run yet (knee only feeling better today & still have a sore heel - I think it's calf & Achilles related - my trainer asked me if it was phantom pain LOL).  

Had a PT session on Tuesday night & downloaded all my woes on my trainer, who said "now you've told me all the reasons why you didn't run very fast you better tell me what you actually ran".  He did point out that I was still much faster than the last run I'd done (January, 58 minutes) & it was only a fun run.  HA.

I dragged my arse to the gym last night feeling in a better frame of mind - instead of focusing on what I couldn't do, I decided it time to think about what I could do: 30 minutes cycling, 10 minutes cross trainer (only because I had to wait for the rowing machine) 10 minutes rowing machine; Abs & a really good stretch session.

This morning I'm feeling better again.  The sun was out before & my disposition is much sunnier.  I think I may even attempt a run tomorrow morning!

For all of you who say that fun & run should not be in the same sentence, perhaps you are right.  

I need to work on fun part.  I guess after training hard for x amount of weeks & then not reaching your target is disappointing, but then again, we're not playing for sheep stations are we.  I need to just chill & enjoy the experience.

So.  What's next.  I'm not quite sure, but that will be a post for another day.

PS if you want a far better written report of the day & some photo's of Melbourne, go & visit Georgia & read her report!!!
(hope you don't mind Georgia!!!)


Georgia said...

Firstly, I don't mind at all - thanks for the linking :)
Secondly, sorry to hear that your run wasn't all that fun. I had a similar experience earlier in the year (a 4km fun run around the zoo that was part of the Brooks Summer series). I just felt so "meh" through and after it how is this "fun"?!
I agree with your comments about the bottlenecks - they were pretty bad in places. I almost felt that the walkers should have been instructed to keep left or head over the top of the bridge...or something. It was just way too congested.
Glad to hear that you had some VIP treatment. I was a bit disappointed with the goodies, especially because of the rather steep entry fee. A bottle of water and a biscuit didn't really cut it, in my opinion!
Okay, now I'm rambling. Bottom line, I think you did brilliantly and you are really so close to that elusive goal - keep at it, girl! :)

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Georgia - you are too kind!!!

It was a bit expensive wasn't it!! I think the walkers should have been instructed to walk in single file in that bottleneck section, would have made things much easier for the runners & it supposed to be a run!!! :0)

While I'm not glad you have had some not so fun experiences, it's good to hear others have felt this way too!! I definitely think its a mind thing!!

I'm doing the colour run with my niece later this year, so will be aiming to treat that as FUN!!!!!

Georgia said...

I'm doing the Melb Colour Run with my hubby - too funny! We missed out on it last year and I was very quick to register this year. I reckon that one will DEFINITELY be fun. We did the Glow Run earlier in the year also and because it was untimed, it takes lots of pressure off :)

AlleyCat said...

LOL see you there!!! I wanted to do the glow run, but didn't have a buddy to do it with :0( Next year!!!

Cinders said...

I think you did a great job Cat. They really should change the route so there is no congestion - it's not fun at all. Well done x

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Cinders :0)

Having not run/walked or even checked out the course before I guess I could have been fore warned had i done my homework!! LOL, but yes, something needs to be done :0)