Friday, July 19, 2013


Thank God it's Friday!!!  No 5 on a Friday today, can't think of anything new or interesting I'm thankful for so won't re-hash.

My office assistant has been off with the flu for the whole week - I am thankful she hasn't bought it in to share with me, but that does mean I've been manning the phones all day everyday for the whole week & doing some of her work as well as my own.  Hasn't been too painful but I am exceedingly glad today is Friday.

I have my 10km fun run on the weekend - wish me luck.  My trainer reminded me to run in the same direction as everyone else.  Funny bugger.  He's also thrown me an insane time to achieve: 47.09.  I was aiming for as close to 50 minutes as possible.  I'm hoping to run with some 50 minute pacers & then at the 8km mark, as per my trainers instructions pick up the pace & see what happens.  

The weather forecast is for wind & rain & possible hail, so I may in fact get lost because I won't be able to see where I'm going; or freeze to death.  In conditions like that & with a gazzilion people running the course I'll be just hoping to make it to the finish line with out falling over.

Hope you all keep warm (if you are in Melbourne town) this weekend & have some fun where ever you may be!!


Georgia said...

Good luck for Sunday - assume you're doing Run Melbourne. I'll also be there at the 10k (likely freezing my tuchus off!). Good luck with the 47:09 goal (loving how specific that is!). I'm having fun with this one and throwing some walking intervals into the mix. Hope the rain holds off for all of our sakes! :)

Memphis Steve said...

It's the middle of hot summer here right now so I think maybe with the cooler temps you guys are having there you can probably achieve that time your trainer set for you. Then again, hail bopping you on the the head can sometimes slow a person down. Anyway, it's easy for me to sit here on the couch with my laptop and say that you can hit that 47, but I realize that's a pretty strong pace. I haven't run a 10K in so long I can't even remember what my times were, so I can't really compare. But good luck to you!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Georgia!!! I'm think that was the first thing that popped into his brain (47.09)!! I really don't think I can do that time, I can but only try!! Good luck to you too & yes, I hope the weather is kinder to us than the forecast is predicting!!!! :0)

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Steve! I'm not confident at all about that time, but I'll give it my best shot!!!! Have a great weekend on your couch under the aircon :0)

Emile Buttocks said...

You're going to do great! I've just got an invite to enter another 5K race right near my house. So now I have something new to start training for. :-)

AlleyCat said...

Yay Mr Buttocks!!! something to train for :0) good luck!!