Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 13

DAY 13:

Up early yet again for the hour trip to the airport & our domestic flight back to Port Moresby.  Again a long wait for our international flight, although this time we had the heads up on a hotel we could go to for a buffet breakfast & who were happy to let people waiting between flights to use their swimming pool & lounges. Flight back to Brisbane was uneventful & I can’t even remember what movie played or if I actually watched it.  There was a bit of a mad rush to get Dad on the transit bus to the domestic terminal as he was too late to check his bags through @ the counter in the international terminal.  

K & I hadn't cleaned our boots well enough & had a 10 minute wait at customs while the officer kindly took them out the back & pressure washed their soles for us.  By now Plumbing Boy had put Dad on the bus, & was holding it so I could bid him farewell as we were in time to check our bags in at the international counter.  I would have gone with him, but PB had decided that Dad was old enough to figure it out for himself!  Dave kindly decided to go with him though, telling us that his wife hadn't organised his flight home & he had to go & do that – not sure how true that was though, perhaps an excuse to be a good Samaritan.  Thanks Dave! G went off to find a locker to put his bags in, intending to “camp” at the airport for the night rather than paying for a hotel room!  We checked our bags in for our flight to Cairns & then met back with G at a prearranged bar & had a few beers & reminisced for the 2 hour wait we had for our flight.  Of course we left it til the last minute to catch the bus to the domestic airport & arrived at out gate 2 minutes before boarding started. We were sad to leave G who was such a genuinely good bloke, but were eager to hit Port Douglas for some much deserved R & R, although staying with my cousin who has a 2 & a 4 year old, sleep ins were probably not going to happen.
 I sincerely hope that G had as good a time as we did: being the odd one out in a group who all know each other well, can sometimes be difficult & I hope we were as welcoming as I hoped we were.  It was an honor & a privilege to share our pilgrimage with him & he will be a welcome guest in our home & at our table for years to come.

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