Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bastard Burglars

Well.  Things got busy here last night.  Some bloody low life broke into our workplace.  Lucky for us Plumbing Boy was here after working late, had crashed here for the night & heard them.  

He actually chased the lone bastard out of the building & onto the street where said burglar could have run over him or rammed him into the brick factory next door with his car.  PB's got a hit of a sore hand after punching the guy's window a couple of times which did not break. 

Looks like he only escaped with a couple of hundred bucks as most of the tools were out in the street ready to load into the guys car, but as he had PB on his tail he didn't stop for them.  Got the rego, but the police said it didn't match the type of car PB saw, so he may have been using stolen plates.  

Must have been a professional as he didn't set off the alarm & disabled some of the cameras.  

A security upgrade of course is taking place today so if you are reading this you low life mongrel MOFO, don't bother coming back.

I'm hoping that PB scared the absolute shit of him as he clearly didn't expect company.

Moving on!


Memphis Steve said...

Wow, it's lucky he was there! It sucks that they got the money, but at least the tools were recovered. And yeah, car windows don't break very easily. I've discovered that the hard way before, too. It hurts and the window just sits there stubbornly refusing to break.

Ute said...


Glad no one was really hurt. Except for PB hand. Low life? That's being kind!

Ute said...

@ Memphis- Dude, my 1st comment on yr last blog post went into yr spam again! Gah!

AlleyCat said...

From Ute - now I got spam issues too!!!


Glad no one was really hurt. Except for PB hand. Low life? That's being kind!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Steve - lucky neither of them picked up the length of gal pipe the raced past to exit the building....

you've been punching car windows too??

Thanks Ute - lost your first comment but it landed in my email inbox. Yeah, low life is extremely kind isn't it!

Ute said...

FFS! Maybe it's just me?
Seems funny that only my comments seem to be disappearing??

Maybe invest in a big, vicious dog.

AlleyCat said...

LOL yeah the boys at work suggested a Rottie. PB was worried about having to pick up the dog shit!!

Naaaa Steve said his own comments were going walkabout too!

DOG3OY said...

the buggers

Bear traps, snap off their lower leg and let them bleed out on the shop floor, sure manslaughter charges might be an issue but at least you'll take one little fucker off the street.

AlleyCat said...

Hello Stranger (Dog3oy). hahaha bear trap, could be an idea!!!

The cops were very sympathetic & almost disappointed Plumbing Boy didn't actually get his hands on the fucker.

Emile Buttocks said...

Forget the bear traps. Just get a real bear. Then it'll be the burglars shitting the floor instead of dogs.

AlleyCat said...

@ Emile - LOL you know it would be me picking up the shit don't you?? Burglar & Bear now by the sound of it...........I bet bear shit is big shit!!!!

Cinders said...

Gosh, I totally missed this.. What a bastard - glad it wasn't worse than it was.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Cinders. All recovered now :0)